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What do you think Trevor did and said to Martin off screen?

Content of the article: "What do you think Trevor did and said to Martin off screen?"

I think its probably something like this.

*Trevor enters house*

Trevor: We got the files you wanted, although several members causalities involved including the Pilot, your nephew and another gang member who I assume was a bodyguard of some sort.

Martin: Doesn't matter, I appreciate you and Michael retrieving these files for me. You have my thanks. *Takes Files*

Trevor: *Still holds out his hand waiting for payment*.

Martin: i'll be sure to talk with Michael regarding the jobs completion. *Motions to the door* you may leave.

Trevor: Aren't you forgetting something? My payment.

Martin: The deals completion will be discussed with Michael as was the agreement.

Trevor: I don't give a fuck about your agreement with Michael, I am not him. I want my payment, a fair days work equals a fair days pay.

Martin: Listen, I don't give a fuck what you want. You come into my house and start ordering me around. It doesn't work like that Pendejo. Now get the fuck out of my house before I have you killed.

Trevor: I am not leaving until I get my fucking payment!!

Martin: Then it is your deathwish. Nobody crosses me and lives to tell about it, my nephew you both killed is an example of a person who crossed me. Don't be so stupid.

Trevor: go ahead and try to kill me.

Martin: Guards

Trevor: Your little buddies aren't coming. You really think I would be foolish enough to let you have leverage over me when negotiating prices? No, I know how pieces of shit like you work. Using threats and bribes to get what you want, not giving a damn about the men doing your dirty work. Now I ask one more time, Give me my fucking payment or I'll take things into my own hands.

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Martin: *Trys to go to gun cabinet but is thrown against the ground*

Trevor: You tried to fucking kill me? How about I cut off your ear since any complaints seem to fall on death ears with you. *Grabs knife and cuts off ear*

Martin: *On Ground holding onto wound* You don't know what the fuck you're doing.

Trevor: No, what the fuck I am doing is taking your wife and your car in lineu of payment until this whole payment situation is dealt with.

Martin: I'll have you fucking killed.

Trevor: *Ties up her hands and ducktapes her mouth and puts her over shoulder* Sure you will buddy, just remember next time whenever the fuck you feel like screwing people over. You asked for this. Your wife Patricia isn't it? She will go to a wonderful home.

Trevor: *Leaves house, puts her in the back of the SUV and drives off*


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