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A Need For Speed Tools

I'm looking to buy my first set of infinite gathering tools. My main focus is on speed. Speed without needing to buy multiple sets to get a decent set of speedy tools. I've read everything on Reddit and done multiple Google searches to try to glean as much information as possible on the topic – however the data I've managed to find seems to be outdated to the extent of 2018. This lead me to taking peoples' selections at face value as watching videos of the animations help in a general sense but not with the nitty gritty numbers.

I have 3k gems to spend on this endeavor any more and I'll have to wait and save up for.

As a result I've come up with two options for a speedy set disregarding glyphs for the time being – it seems volatile glyphs are optimal for making some gold back but again the tools themselves aren't breaking any speed numbers which means I would have to purchase the set just for the glyphs and I'm not comfortable doing that. I need some feedback from people to make the most informed decision possible given the situation, at least that's what I'm asking if you're reading this. So here is what I've come up with after many Reddit and Google searches regarding gathering speed:

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Option 1: Consortium Sickle, Firestorm Logging Tool, Shifting Sands Mining pick. The sickle is available right now and is tied for first place in speed. The Firestorm Logging Tool will be available on the 17th and is considered fast even without its glyph. The Shifting Sands Mining pick shows up in posts about speed if you're not willing to buy the Unbound set strictly for the mining beam and this isn't available and isn't listed to be soon which means I'd have to wait on it – but it does come with a nice glyph I can stick on the sickle for flax farming.

Option 2: Unbound Magic Gathering Tools. They're due to be available on the 19th I believe. On the old charts they list the mining beam and logging tool of the set to be the fastest – however this information is dated to 2018 so how accurate it is now I'm not sure. That leaves me having to replace the sickle with the consortium at a later date when I can save more gems for it. So the completed set would be the Consortium Sickle, Unbound Logging Tool, Unbound Mining Beam.

After all the reading I've done on the topic these two options are the best I've been able to come up with. If, however, you have a better idea or I'm wrong about something please let me know. I'm unsure which option to go for honestly but again I'm only concerned with speed. I want the fastest possible gathering speed – I can pick up the glyphs later on as I can save up for them. Bearing this in mind which option would you choose and if neither why?

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Help me decide on speedy tools:

Consortium Sickle, Firestorm Logging Tool, Shifting Sands Mining pick or Unbound Magic Gathering Tools save for Consortium later?


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