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A very small triumph – but important to me

Wanted to tell a story of my little personal triumph. I think, for “real” players it’s trivial and maybe laughable but for me it’s not, and it is worth sharing.

A bit of perspective. I first met the world of GW somewhere during Nightfall, and had a lot of fun playing it and Eye of the North. So when GW2 was released, I immediately plunged headfirst into it. Now I vaguely remember playing a mesmer with a scepter – predictably not to a great success. Then real life took its toll and I stopped playing.

After a while I came back. This time I built a thief and managed to finish Personal story. Then I was at a loss – new story content was not released at the moment, pvp wasn’t quite my cup of tea, and trying to solo any other content resulted in me being killed by literally everything. No, really, I couldn’t kill the very first enemy in Ascalonian catacombs. Ever.

Short aside on soloing stuff. It so happens that I generally prefer to play solo. Not because I am a misantropic loner, but I just value (and sometimes actually need) to be able to quit game session without letting anyone down. So while I love joining metas or pve runs of any kind, organised group content does not quite appeal to me.

Back to the story – playing felt frustrating and lacking goals, so I quit again. But then Heart of Thorns was released, and I predictably came back. This time I did some research, learned that necro was good for solo play, so I used the 80lvl boost to get myself a playable necro and tried the expansion. It didn’t go well. I grinded Silverwastes endlessly (that was fun and easy enough) but was stuck in the story content. Fair concession: I was not a good player by a mile. Anyway, after a short while I turned from the game once more. The only useful things which lingered were some collected crafting components and my necro leveled to Tailor 500.

Back to the present. This August I by chance heard of the upcoming EoD release. I skipped PoF back in its time, but now I was captured by virtuoso, so I thought – why not give it another try. I logged back in and created a new character: mesmer. Circle is closing, how very fitting.

But this time I took it slowly and seriously. I browsed forums and metabattle, joined this subreddit, and delved into wiki. Chose a build – power greatsword core mesmer (chrono was not attractive for some reason). Finished Personal story. Leveled to 80. Began crafting some gear. Then I bought PoF (huge thanks to this sub for sharing the Prime discount!), read about condi mirage. Got myself a mount. Dashed all over PoF maps for hero challenges. Began working on ascended gear. Grinded LW maps for trinkets.

Where I am now? Last week I finished my ascended armor set (all Yassith’s with Tormenting runes) and my ascended trinkets (3 viper’s, 3 trailblazer’s – I’m still not a great player and prefer some added survivability in OW). Three days ago I soloed my first champion bounty in Elon Riverlands. Two days ago I soloed my first fractal. Yesterday I was playing through HoT enjoying the story without the frustration of dying to every mordrem on the map.

For the first time ever I feel on equal ground with the game. I still have a lot of space for improvement – I still need to get properly statted ascended weapons instead of misstatted exotic ones, and, most importantly, I need to upgrade my mastery of combat. I see a lot of things to do – finish HoT, finish LW, play IS, jump into more fractals, do dungeons, you name it. Maybe began a journey to a Legendary?

But now I feel confidence in playing the game. No need to hide from every veteran. No need to skip content. I can explore. I can enjoy the world. And it gives me so much fun!

Thanks for reading this endless stream of conciousness 🙂


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