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Are you completely new to PvE raids and want to get started? The raid training community is organising a stream TOMORROW for people like you!

Hey all. I'm Step, the leader of RTI (Raid Training Iniative), which is one of the largest raid training guilds in EU. I'm organising a stream for completely new raiders (or raiders with little experience) Friday 19th @ 20:00 CET (UTC+1).

How do I join?

Join the RTI Discord, hit the ✅ at the bottom of the #welcome channel to get verified, and simply be around during the time of the event tomorrow (20:00 CET). If you do this, then right when the stream starts you'll be pinged. The stream will be hosted on Discord and also on Twitch if we hit the Discord viewer limit of 50.

What will be covered?

We'll be going through anything that might be needed to get you started into raiding. This includes but is not limited to:

  • What masteries you need.
  • Elite specs + hero points.
  • The gear rarity we suggest and where to get it from.
  • Where to go to start raiding.
  • Benchmarking, the golem area, Snow Crows, rotations, etc.
  • How to wrap your head around openers, the reward system, legendary armour.
  • How to read the LFG, what KP is all about, LFG etiquette.
  • How squads, subgroups, compositions, boons/buffs, the "meta", etc work.
  • General tips.
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I'll be responding to questions along the way, whether they're sent to me by whisper or asked in voice chat. If time allows, we'll also do some accessible, beginner-friendly raiding at the end for anyone on the EU server.

I can't make it! Is there anything else I can attend?

We have ANOTHER similar stream happening at the same time (20:00 CET/UTC+1) on Sunday 21st. RTI and our friends over in NA, Raid Academy, have also organised plenty more courses/workshops which follow this schedule. These streams are hosted both in RTI's Discord server and in Raid Academy's Discord server.

Apart from that, we have a TON of raid trainings planned this weekend both in RTI (for people in EU) and RA (for people in NA). Join the servers for more info!!

Any questions can be asked in this Reddit thread or in suitable channels in either RTI's or RA's Discord server and we'll try our best to respond.

Happy raiding!


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