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Artists and Sound engineers should get a bonus.

Content of the article: "Artists and Sound engineers should get a bonus."

This is a thing I see since the start of that game in 2013; the loading screen arts, animated background in personnal story dialogues or concept arts but also the musics and sound effects of this were always good quality, even very good quality, feeling like the employees do better than what we are expecting them to do.

Take the differents concept arts as examples:

Sylvari houses

Underground Asura Lab

Underwater Plant

And loading screens:

Wizard Tower

Rata Novus

But whereas all thoses arts and the fabulous associated musics sell dreams (I let you hear fear not this night, rata novus theme, battle on lion arch, the breachmaker or festival of four winds theme…) the story quality simply don't follow.

I really feel like the artists are very talented and may have white card to draw what they think the best after knowing the theme of the instance of the story step. But sadly it shows elements you don't find in the associated instance and it's at least for me, it is infuriating and shocking. As example, just above this text you have the loading screen of HOT rata novus instance: I would like to have been those two asura in background exploring, but the reality is sad and depressing, only ruins, even ruins, is a big word, it is an empty cave, a waste, with only the command center that is, not even new assets or looking old. Whereas it could have been like that screen and it may have been better to add a console or whatever that allows to travel to the past and wander in the environment of that loading screen.

To pursue, The three first pictures, concept arts kinda face the same issues: It shows that artists have so much ideas but none of them made their way into the game, it is only some, I redirect you to if you want to check the others. Even recently, they still put several objects you will never see in game, like the latest loading screen of primordius rising from chapter 1 truce of icebrood saga, some golems and devices that aren't in game.

The big second point is the consistency and mainaining the same quality level over time: It is the case for sound/music engineer and artists but the same can't be said about map designer, event programmers or story writters: their quality varies extremely from an episode to another from skritt poop to jewels and good execution: It means there is an issue. But what I saw overall along the years is that there are employees who deserve their jobs and other that should be moved away asap: The worst releases to me, if speaking of LS would be LS2, Bitterfrost frontier, bloodstone fen, domain kourna, bjora marches, and the latest chapter truce. Some instances are bad too and kinda scream why they are existing.

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I have enough of all that big changes along the year instead of sticking to certain content and improving them instead of replacing them or adding new one. Dungeons were sufficient: Why fractals? Why Strikes? Why DRM? You know, you could have put an NPCS at the entrance of dungeons or a mote to toggle challenges, adding more foes, changing the followed path in dungeons… there is 8 dungeons, if you added one per expansion, it is 10, with 3 levels of difficulties, you already have 30 tiers. How many fractals we have? Can have 25 max, with 4 tiers, not big difference. In dungeon, you could even put a second npc that give you the offer to send you to area of the dungeons that are in lockdown where a strong foes with unique mechanics wait for you: aka strikes?

DRMS are ls1 like it is just that is is repeatable and isn't disapearing after time, but really, they can have been put as strikes like steal warband (like it in term of rewards, variety of mechanics, multiple phases and events…)

There is no fouls, if episodes meta achievement is less and less completed is because how that whole thing is repetitive and the wait of 3 months: Always requiring completing story step, gather items, doing an event multiple time or do stupid time limit or avoid stuff achievs.

Dungeons have been replaced by fractals, then replaced by strikes and no by DRM.

Guilds and Raid have been forgotten. Like old LA and its real pirate vibe git thrown to bin.

The story is more and more simplistic and lacking more and more senses and meaning.

Complex elements became most basic ones: We passed from episodes giving you a map, unique skins, gh decos, quests, rewards, bounties to just instances.

In a perfect world the story writers and the executions in instances would be as good as the arts representing them, but you can see it will never be the case because for the map makers, asuras whatver their affiliation are just asura and so they deserve just basic asura asset reused, that a charr is a charr, put a charr tank and say the job done, that norn just deserve some ballistas and prehistoric tents. This use of the assets is pushed to it's apogee in Rata Sum, an experimented eye can spot more than easily the assets: Light cannons used as pillars in the lowest level (LOL), tables and crates rotated 45° to serve as support for an holographic console (a joke), vines, stone cubes and holographic flowers from metrica everywhere. Cube and crystal scanners put upside down as lamps… but let say it can past, but when you see in sandswept, so inquest, so red, they are using BLUE holographics displays from RATA NOVUS.

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You can see along the years that they either don't have time to finish perfectly creating thir maps (Recurrence of removing one path if multi lane (dragon stand scrapped 4 lane) and kourna (2 lane of the 3 scrapped)) or simply leaving unfinished elements in the maps themselves: The cube drawn on tangled depths that isn't existing, a bridge under ground level of sandswpt that is meant to rely the ley line to the tunnels ending in front of it after the water and the mysterious door at the south west of rata primus closed leading to an empty room. The big unused space of north middle jahai….

So there is something to decide, either they put less event, do a smaller map and do it WELL or they recruit more persons to help finishing those maps. Money an issue? Frankly, there was no need of LS, they could have just done 1 expansion each 2 year. Here is your money, that game could easily have 5 expansions right now.

PS = zhaithan like our personnal story

1-HOT mordremoth (Heart of Thorns) like the plot that happened

2-DOF primordius (Depths of Fire) (transition between rata novus working on destroyers and depths)

3-POC kralkatorrik (Path of Crystals) (help needed to contain stigmatized in grothmar and ascalon)

4-LOI jormag (Land of Ice) Like current plot beginning at bjora, not implying bangar nor ryland.

5-EOD sbubbles (End of Dragons) We finally found that the zone blue Specimen and the inquest have been liquidated, vessels and labs destroyed. Mind controlled canthans by sbubbles (they forget that sbubbles exist and don't see its minions, kind of hypnosis)

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All the LS, could have been side story, with an ahievement categories and appearing as green star steps to do once you killed zhaithan, you can do in the order you want, several one, each implying a main evil faction arc: Awakened, Inquest, White Mantle, Kraits, Centaurs…


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