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Best Melee Class?

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So, I’ve started playing recently, picked Necromancer because everyone keeps saying it’s the best class for a solo player, and yet, I can’t help but admit that it’s not all that fun. It’s most certainly a powerful class, make no mistake, but every encounter just feels rather dull; there’s no real difficulty or challenge, and I find it difficult to keep myself invested.

So, that’s why I’m asking about potentially making a new class. I used to run melee classes all the time in other MMOs; back in Runescape and AdventureQuest, melee is all I ever did. However, I’m unsure about what would be a good solo spec for myself; I’m usually just a guy that likes to wander around and explore, get myself a nice looking armor set, do side quests, very much a casual, aimless sort of play style.

I’ve heard some good things about Warrior, but I’ve also heard that Guardian and Mesmer are better for higher tier play. While I don’t quite know if I will ever go that high, I would like to get as much out of the game as I can, and I do intend to get to max level sooner or later.

So, it’s a simple question; what would be the best melee class for a casual solo player?

PS: No Reaper spec, please.

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Edit: It’s not that I dislike Reaper, it’s just that I’ve gotten burnt out on easy mode Necromancer, and I’m looking for something with a bit more “bite” to it, you get me? I’m a Dark Souls refugee; I like just a little bit of challenge, and Necromancer felt too easy for me.

That, and I’ve heard a LOT of people saying some bad stuff about Reaper recently; I don’t want to grind a class that I’m burnt out on all the way up to 80, only to find that the spec is sub-par.


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