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Best Repeatable WvW Reward Track Long-Term

Context: I've done all non-repeatable RT's as well as have gotten all skins (all exclusive skins, all non-exclusive skins that are just easier to get from RT's, tons of LS currencies, 20k+ Geodes, a few dozen GoB's, etc).

You might just link me to the fast farming website. But it has some problems:

  1. The content is not always accurate. Note, for example, that it lists the Gift of Battle Reward Track as giving 4 Tomes of Knowledge, when it actually gives 8 (and I've verified this in-game). I know this might seem nit-picky, but 1 error that I notice means probably 10+ that I haven't.
  2. Some item price valuations seem CRAZY. It's valuing the Black Lion Chest Key in the Guildrider Warclaw Skin Reward Track at 35.2 gold without a source. There's no way a key is that valuable, or else they would literally be worth buying off of the BLTC. The actual output value of a key based on my math is closer to around 7-8 gold unless you do some very hacky stuff that I won't disclose here.
  3. In many reward tracks (proof: 1-LS2 2-LS3 3-LS4 4-IBS 5-PoF 6-Festivals 7-Dungeons & more!), it values Tomes of Knowledge (Spirit Shards) as being worthless, despite GW2E showing at least a 50s profit on relatively easy crafts and 1-4g+ profits on more obscure ones. This is absurd considering some RT's give 8 Tomes while others give 0 and this could be the difference of up to 16-36g in the most egregious cases (and 4g in the most conservative ones). It's also inconsistent, as Sorrow's Embrace & Honor of the Waves (& maybe more) value shards @ ~30s/ea.
  4. It isn't clear to what degree MF was abused for RT's on this site. My bank holds over 10-15k RT chests that I open once per ~year with ~1k% MF, which I suspect GREATLY increases chest worth for chests affected by MF.

Take one of my personal favorites, the Thunderhead Peaks RT. According to fast-farming, this is a top tier box that's ~just about as good as all the other LS4 boxes. However, among LS4, it is unique in that it also gives 8 Spirit Shards while all 5 other RT's give a bunch of crappy Siege Blueprint cases. Those branded masses become VM, which becomes leather/trophy shipments. Trophies are upgraded using the massive amount of shards and the final products all go into selling massive amounts gen1 legendaries, fueled by the clovers.

Sidenote: all of LS4 is listed as less profitable than Maguuma Wastes, but that's basically a big ol' lie because it assumes you convert Geodes into gold in a T6 DT map and I have not seen T6 DT in years.

You might think that the Thunderhead Peaks Reward Track is just the winner based on what I said. But know what it doesn't have a lot of? MF-affected loot boxes. It has 6 Awakened Caches, which I'm not even sure if these are affected by MF. The wiki gives no indication; it isn't a brown box and it doesn't say it's affected by MF. The wiki also treats it differently from other so-called Loot Boxes; "Loot Boxes" typically link to that page (example – see Notes below), while the Awakened Cache has its own Drop Rate Research instead. The RT as a whole also has 4 Desert Hunter caches and 4 Djinn Caches that are all the same (don't know if they're affected by MF). At best, we're getting 14 boxes that might be affected by MF.

On the other extreme, the fast-farming site lists the Twilight Arbor RT as being worth a paltry ~9.2g (largely due to offering no clovers). However, this has a whopping 29 loot boxes, with the wiki sayin that all are affected by MF.

The fast-farming site lists most of these loot boxes as being worth 2-4s/ea, but if you have ~1k% MF… might that double? Triple? Quadruple? Would you start statistically pulling precursors every 1k-10k that would greatly drag up the output price?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not faulting the creator of fast.farming for not doing every RT 500+ times and opening all the boxes at varying levels of MF in order to get a more accurate total.

As someone who completes more than a dozen WvW reward tracks per week, I would just like to know that I'm choosing optimal tracks.

So I ask to every other WvW'er who is now on permanent repeat mode for RT's — what track do you think is the most profitable for gold (assuming clovers are desired/useful)? Does anyone have any additional insight into this?


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