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Black Lion Delivery Box Drop Rate Contribution (392 boxes!)

Hi folks. I built up quite the stockpile of Black Lion Delivery Boxes from the Home Instance Requisitions contract, and in double checking my research into which choices were the best I noticed that one of the boxes, the Black Lion Industry Contract, has nearly no drop data research associated with it as I was unable to find drop data on the wiki or the supplemental economic websites I'm aware of. Thus, I documented the drops I received to help alleviate this issue and to further contribute to the data set of the other boxes as well.

I do not have a GW2 wiki account, nor do I have the knowledge required to make edits to the wiki. If someone wants to add my data there please feel free to do so!

I had 392 Boxes. Given that I own all the contracts I'll break the drops down by contract.

Black Lion Hunters Contract (392 boxes):


  • 639 Tiny Totems
  • 300 Small Totems
  • 329 Totems
  • 240 Engraved Totems
  • 597 Intricate Totems
  • 172 Elaborate Totems

This contract is well documented and totems are the clear optimal choice.

Black Lion Delivery Box – Season 4 (392 boxes):

Domain of Istan

  • 1586 Kralkatite Ore
  • 393 Rose Quartz
  • 4693 Powdered Rose Quartz (I accidentally included these in the Drytop Screencap)
  • 409 Corsair Maintenance Oil
  • 405 Corsair Tuning Crystal
  • 362 Corsair Sharpening Stone

Why did I pick Istan? I have all achievements and rewards associated with Season 4 so I do not need a specific currency. As far as I can tell, Istan provides the most profit via the Rose Quartz and Powdered Rose Quartz, and the Corsair item drops can be vendored in a worst case scenario. The only downside is that Kralkatite has abysmal volatile magic yields.

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Black Lion Delivery Box – Season 3 (392 boxes):

Dry Top and the Silverwastes

  • 2297 Geodes
  • 102 Zephyrite Lockpicks
  • 2220 Bandit Crests
  • 438 Elder Wood Logs
  • 299 Ancient Wood Logs
  • 412 Mithril Ore
  • 278 Orichalcum Ore
  • 483 Quartz Crystals (I accidentally included these in the Istan Screencap)
  • 976 Pieces of Ambrite
  • 486 Prickly Pears
  • 496 Nopals
  • 318 Superior Ingredient Pouches
  • 189 Exquisite Ingredient Pouches
  • 58 Bowls of Prickly Pear Sorbet
  • 52 Bowls of Prickly Pear Tapioca Pudding
  • 48 Prickly Pear Pies
  • 1170 Piles of Silky Sand (Which gave me an additional 15 Geodes, 4 Lockpicks, and 1 Lump of Ambrite)

Superior Ingredient Pouches (318):

  • 143 Artichokes
  • 132 Asparagus Spears
  • 124 Tarragon Leaves
  • 134 Raspberries
  • 145 Leeks
  • 50 Butternut Squashes
  • 46 Lemongrass
  • 125 Parsnips
  • 55 Cayenne Peppers

Exquisite Ingredient Pouches (189):

  • 89 Omnomberries
  • 91 Nopals
  • 27 Orrian Truffles
  • 68 Lotus Roots
  • 79 Prickly Pears
  • 72 Saffron Threads
  • 71 Seaweed
  • 33 Snow Truffles
  • 37 Ghost Peppers

Why did I pick Dry Top? Dry Top is the only choice with a non-season 3 currency. Given Unbound Magic is nearly worthless I find it far more valuable to have a passive income of Geodes which I find extremely tedious to grind for. It so happens that Dry Top also comes with a lot of useful material drops such as ore, wood, and quartz.

Black Lion Industry Contract (392 boxes):

Lastly comes the contract with the least information associated with it. This contract comes with 5 choices; cloth scraps, leather sections, ore, logs, and jewels.

In calculating which choice I should go for I found that a small sample size was available for leather drop rates. I made the assumption that the non-jewel drops would have similar drop rates for each tier, so I looked up current prices and had my spreadsheet spit out average values. The best choice was Leather which was nearly twice the value of ore in second place.

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Luckily there was also a small sample of jewel drops provided on the discussion page of the wiki. I made the assumption that each jewel within a certain tier had equal chances to drop, so I averaged the values of the gems of each tier. Then, using the jewel tier drop rate from the sample I calculated out an average profit. It wasn't a surprise to learn that jewels are the worst choice by far.

For those that are curious, my calculated values using the assumed drop rates for May 1, 2021 were as follows, rounded to the nearest copper:

  • Leather – 947
  • Ore – 544
  • Cloth – 441
  • Logs – 269
  • Jewels – 146

Thus leather seems to be the obvious choice.


  • 160 Rawhide
  • 265 Thin
  • 288 Coarse
  • 278 Rugged
  • 585 Thick
  • 159 Hardened

Additionally, I had 92 surplus Delivery Boxes drop containing:

Leather Surplus

  • 40 Rawhide
  • 60 Thin
  • 61 Coarse
  • 63 Rugged
  • 112 Thick
  • 48 Hardened

The wiki calculates drop rates as per box, so here is a table comparing my results with the small sample on the wiki:

Drop Rate Comparison

It should be noted that there is no data at all for logs, ore, and scraps. It may be difficult to get people to verify that the rates are similar for the non-jewel drops given leather is seemingly so valuable compared to the other choices right now.

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Additionally, it seems that the Surplus Delivery Boxes have a near identical drop rate to the base box and seem to have a drop rate of around 25%. Thus, the "true" yield of the contract can be multiplied by ~1.25 to estimate the value you'll receive.

Final Thoughts:

I normally don't document stuff like this, but found myself doing so to help fulfill a data gap on the wiki. Either way, I know people love big loot dumps so here you go!

I'll add an edit to this post once I've been notified that the data has been inputted on the wiki.


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