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Can someone describe the Revenant to me using WoW terminology? I’m having trouble understanding them.

Hi! I'm a returning player from way back at launch. I've been doing some research on good solo professions for folks who like to solo difficult content like bosses and dungeons. Seems like the meta these days is a Renegade-spec Revenant, so I've been looking into what exactly a Revenant is.

At first, judging solely by their name and the way they look in character creation, they looked kind of similar to a Death Knight in WoW. But then I watched some videos and read the wiki, which answered some of my questions but created a whole bunch of new ones. Even while watching Revenant gameplay happening right before my eyes, I still couldn't figure out what the heck the class is all about. So it's a heavily-armored fighter that channels the spirits of legendary heroes? I like the concept, but still, what is the class actually like? The other professions always seemed pretty self-explanatory, but I just can't figure out the Revenant.

Is there a similar class or spec in WoW? Or even in ESO, or FFXIV, or SWTOR, or LOTRO. I've played pretty much every other MMO, so feel free to compare the Revenant to just about anything. I know I could just roll one up and spent a few days trying it out, but I'd love to know what I'm getting into, if anyone can help.

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( Bonus question – How is Engineer these days? Conceptually I find the Engineer the most interesting class concept but when I played it at launch, it seemed really underpowered. I would often see other classes fight a skill point boss and win with half their health remaining, but for me it would be a long and very hard-fought struggle and the boss would kill ME with half its health remaining, unless I was fortunate enough to get help from a random passerby. It just felt like three times the work for one third of the reward. I later tried out a Warrior and was able to easily handle things that my Engineer would repeatedly die trying to survive against. Perhaps younger me was just bad at the game. )


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