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Competitive Achievements should become repeatable at max tier

Unlike in PvE, sPvP and WvW really don't get any additional content, and subsequently don't regularly see new achievements introduced.

Now while I do respect the notion that if you want to hunt AP, you should spread your time out across all the game modes, at the same time I feel that achievements are themselves mini-goals that bestow a feeling of progression, something which is important for an MMO.

What do you do then when you've completed all the WvW achievements? You're missing out on that mini source of progression.

I suggest that all sPvP and WvW achievements become repeatable after you've achieved the max tier.

How much you need to complete the final rank again would to developer discretion. I'm fine with it not awarding additional AP as I feel ANET is trying to control the flow on AP awarded, so I propose it award gold. My gut instinct would be to award 20g, but again up to developer discretion.


WvW – Stopped them Cold. Tier 5 rank is to defend a total of 750 Towers. Total rewards 56 AP + Title "Tower Guard"

Once T5 rank is obtained the achievement would become repeatable, and can be completed again after defending 100 (??) towers, which awards you 20g (??)

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It wasn't too long ago I was still working on some of these, and I remember thinking that when I escort a yak for a guild mission or to tier up an objective, I was also progressing an achievement. I would race to kill every Yak possible to move the needle on Yakslapper, and any time I saw a camp being contested, I raced to defend it to keep supply chains running, but also to get one step closer to completing Walls Get in the Way.

It would be nice to feel that way again for those of us who have completed these achievements already.

On a somewhat related side-note, it would also be nice to add additional tiers for Realm Avenger between 50,000 and 250,000 kills. There is just too much terrain there, between 50,001 kills and completion at 250,000

Insert new Tiers at 100,000, 150,000 and 200,000. Add more AP and award it retroactively to those who have already completed it, or just recalculate the AP across all tiers.

Right now Realm Avenger T5->T6 is that elephant we keep hearing about, and you need to be able to eat it in small bites.

And after you complete RA, repeatable afterwards for 50,000 kills (??) that awards 20g (??)

Oh and I'm not forgetting God/Goddess of WvW. Once obtained, every 1000 ranks (??) gives you 20g (??).

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sPvP has way more variety in terms of achievements that already award gold (lul), but I still think they should become repeatable. Once you've earned Monster Hunter for example, you should not be robbed of that feeling of progression whenever you zone into Niflhel.

There are many players who only participate in a single game mode. While I've played across almost all of them for some time, I've evolved to the point where I spend almost all my time in WvW, which has helped me to recognize this glaring omission. Unlike those who spend the majority of their time in Living World content, those in PvP and WvW never get anything new to work towards, save perhaps a reward track. I think it fair and reasonable to change that.


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