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[Data-Mining] Upcoming features from the February 2 patch

Hello everybody,

After a bit of delay we've got a surprise Lunar new Year patch, next one will be in 3 weeks.


Edit: that's about it!



Item Description
Wandering Cloud
2324050_0891 Wandering Cloud Chest
2384470_0807 Wandering Cloud Chair
<&AgGvcQEA> Wandering Cloud Chair and Glider Combo
<&AgHrcQEAAA==> Noble Aurochs Jackal Skin
Infused Samurai Package
Infused Blades Package
<&AgHScQEAAA==> Infused Wakizashi Dagger Skin
<&AgHUcQEAAA==> Infused Katana Sword Skin
<&AgHPcQEAAA==> Infused Samurai Outfit
<&AgHacQEAAA==> Hammer of the Three Realms Skin
Back Item
<&CpsmAAA=> Lucky Ox Lantern
Armor Skins
2375127_0381 Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box
<&CpQmAAA=> Lunar-Enchanted Feathered Gloves
<&CnUmAAA=> Lunar-Enchanted Scale Gloves
<&CpgmAAA=> Lunar-Enchanted Prowler Gloves
Weapon Skins
2375127_0197 Fortune-Shining Aureate Axe
2375127_0748 Fortune-Shining Aureate Charm
2375127_0839 Fortune-Shining Aureate Dirk
2375127_0290 Fortune-Shining Aureate Highlander Greatsword
2375127_0819 Fortune-Shining Aureate Longbow
2375127_0522 Fortune-Shining Aureate Mace
2375127_0599 Fortune-Shining Aureate Musket
2375127_0670 Fortune-Shining Aureate Pistol
2375127_0512 Fortune-Shining Aureate Rinblade
2375127_0717 Fortune-Shining Aureate Sconce
2375127_0614 Fortune-Shining Aureate Short Bow
2375127_0987 Fortune-Shining Aureate Staff
2375127_0492 Fortune-Shining Aureate Targe
2375127_0783 Fortune-Shining Aureate Virge
2375127_0704 Fortune-Shining Aureate Warhammer
2375127_0911 Fortune-Shining Aureate Warhorn
2375127_0847 Refitted Aureate Axe
2375127_0876 Refitted Aureate Charm
2375127_0689 Refitted Aureate Dirk
2375127_0389 Refitted Aureate Highlander Greatsword
2375127_0329 Refitted Aureate Longbow
2375127_0253 Refitted Aureate Mace
2375127_0195 Refitted Aureate Musket
2375127_0313 Refitted Aureate Pistol
2375127_0842 Refitted Aureate Rinblade
2375127_0483 Refitted Aureate Sconce
2375127_0172 Refitted Aureate Short Bow
2375127_0624 Refitted Aureate Staff
2375127_0115 Refitted Aureate Targe
2375127_0697 Refitted Aureate Virge
2375127_0621 Refitted Aureate Warhammer
2375127_0925 Refitted Aureate Warhorn
Inquisitor Skins
2307031_0039 Bright Inquisitor Rifle
2307031_0061 Bright Inquisitor Short Bow
2307031_0164 Bright Inquisitor Longbow
2307031_0170 Bright Inquisitor Greatsword
2307031_0362 Bright Inquisitor Staff
2307031_0455 Bright Inquisitor Warhorn
2307031_0584 Bright Inquisitor Shield
2307031_0631 Bright Inquisitor Weapons
2307031_0679 Bright Inquisitor Axe
2307031_0706 Bright Inquisitor Sword
2307031_0711 Bright Inquisitor Focus
2307031_0782 Bright Inquisitor Scepter
2307031_0786 Bright Inquisitor Pistol
2307031_1001 Bright Inquisitor Mace
2307032_0013 Bright Inquisitor Hammer
2307032_0073 Bright Inquisitor Dagger
2307032_0085 Bright Inquisitor Torch
<&AgG4cQEA> Ox Statue


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