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Just seeing what everyone has to think about this idea. It is center around the playing through the story. The biggest issue is to determine does everyone has a say or is one person in charge while everyone else is there. At the same time, it to provides extra time to bring characters interactions outside of story. Have to determine how everyone will meet up in game or do a character already know a chacter. For example, a human toon and a norn toon know each, while an asuran toon meets up with a charr toon in a guild, while the sylvari would have to fid a way to meet up with them at some point. Time to get into the story a bit:

1) The first two chapters of the personal story are more for the person character. This is the moments people get to display who there characters are and get to explore who they get to be as individuals before big groups. This is also a chance for people with similar stories or even want to keep toons together as early on as possible. For example:

A) For charr, they could be in the same personal story for chapter 1 and same warband options up to that point, with chance of one person being in charge.

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B) For human, they could be adoptive sibling which would require someone to have their unknown parents for chapter 2, while the other one has the chapter 1 for themselves. In which, chapter 1 would be for one person, while chapter 2 would be for the second player.

2) The third chapter is for those who are the same race but had completely different first two chapters.

3) This is the most trickest part because of this is the one or the biggest decisions everyone has to make in the game. Everyone can meet each other in a signal guild between Vigil, Whispers and Durmand. If everyone not meeting up in one of those guilds, than best bet is meeting up before or after to recapturing Claw Island.

By this point in the game, everyone agreed to the choice of either someone is in charge of the party or agreed to a system to where everyone has some type of say to the choices in game. Granted you probably lose a lot in a typical DND game but it could provide an interesting way of playing the game. With how the story is set up, probably can really only do it with 5 people unless there is a way to bring more than 5 people into dungeons and story.

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If like the idea, what will you change or add on if were to do it with people?


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