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EoD preparation program or what to do when there is nothing to do in game

Content of the article: "EoD preparation program or what to do when there is nothing to do in game"

This is list of things, you can do to prepare yourself and your toons for new expansion. Its mostly stuff you can get by playing nad not just throwing gold on problems. Most of these things are widely known, but may help new people to prepare. Whole article count that new expansion will have same format of progress then previous two. Any and all additions are welcome. And sorry for grammer 😀

GW2 is very alt friendly game and I really think everyone should get those 9 base classes. It give you access to, well, everything – meta can change and your characters may end up behind while other rise up. Having each class help mitigate this problem. Plus each character get specific skins for new specializations, which are always welcome. So if you dont have them already, get slots, make chars and give them a try. You can take this slowly, getting gold and turn them to gems when they are cheaper and wait for character slots sales.

Hero points Each new specialization need 250 hero points to unlock. If you do everthing in game you can have 404 spare hero points as of now. Getting hero points isn´t that hard – you can easily farm them in HoT and PoF maps – either check LFG for HP trains or call for help in map chat. Funnily enough someone always come. Plus many can be soloed. If you dont like this and you like wvw – you can get them throw proof of heroics, which are used to unlock hero points in pve maps.

Trinkets Rings, accesories, amulets – each of these can be really easily obtained in LS2 and LS3 maps using each map currency. These are ascended quality and fully selectable, so great to have prepared for new content. You can, of course, buy these using other means (laurels vendors, raids and fractals vendors etc), but getting them throw LS currencies is cheapest option.

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Armors While „meta“ will always go with ascended armors – its pointless wasting so much gold for open world, where exotic armors are more then enough. Once again, you want to go for selectable stuff –which are so easy to obtain nowdays they are almoust worthless on TP. Just do pvp and/or wvw to get Warlod´s Armor Boxes and get drown in so so so many boxes. Plus you can go for Runic armors (getting from strike missions), which is relatively easy to gain – even if it takes time.

Weapons Again – exotic weapons are good enough. If you do raids and fractals you are probably swimming in ascended gear, but if not, then they are harder to get. On other hand, selectable exotic weapons are little harder to get then armors – but you can use specific pvp/wvw reward tracks (while you getting armors) to get chests from dungeons with weapon type you want. Or you can make gen2 tier 1 precursors crafting, which are cheap and give you lv80 selectable weapon.

Runes and sigils This one is more tricky – meta for power and condi dps are easy to understand and costly as hell. For open world you can use cheaper alternatives – runes of infiltration or eagle are nice and cheap for example. Sigils like frailty or rage are good too. This works for condi builds too –you really dont need to go full meta to play a class. Interesting question here is if its good to stockpile different runes and sigils – with new specialization there can be unexpected combos, which could make some, now worthless runes and sigils, go throw roof in price. Or they add some fancy collection using one specific rune (looking at you sigil of nullification) making it go from zero to hero in hours.

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Other materials This is, once again, speculation – you may or may not need something in new expansion which can make some materials cost go throw roof, or make some materials become worthless. Still its not that bad before expansion to stockpile materials you would otherwise sell (as we dont know when EoD comming, stockpiling now could be very countra productive)

*Underwater stuff Well … many expected some underwater content in EoD, but dont think it will be that big a deal. Still, its nice to look upon your characters and finnaly change that lv 1 to 20 aquabreathers for rare(can be bought in forstgrove map heart), exotic (you could get it throw wintersday) or ascended (you can get it for berries in bitterfrost frontier map). As well as get exotic underwater weapons – this throw drops and tp, not much else you can do.

Food and utility items You may want to get some nice exp and magic find boost food for solo running. Or prepare more fancy food for bosses and events. They are not really that needed in open world -but anything its better then nothing and you may need tons of experience gain to unlock new masteries -and there any exp booster help.

Will to play 🙂

There is not much to do in game nowdays if you arent new or really hardcore farmer – which make many people burn out. So dont push yourself to play just for sake of playing. Take a break, or log into account for daily rewards and then go.. well not outside nowdays, but to some other game, or book or movie ..heck you can even talk with your family 😀


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