Guild Wars 2

Game is lacking.

Now I know your probably angry reading this sentence but rest a sure I mean well. I am a long-time player of GW2, I haven't been playing since launch but I started playing 1-2 years after. I have enough experience in this game to know that this is a gem that isn't being properly handled.

+ PVP is full of bots and burn guardian is stupid op. Classes lack individuality, now every class can do something another class can do much better. How many classes can use invisibility? Or Invul? Pvp is full of bots and burn guardian is quite overpowered with ridiculous conditions. Despite the number of overall complaints about it, it goes unnoticed.

+ Gameplay is somewhat dated and needs polish. The devs are too nervous to touch the code, I feel thats ridiculous. We as a community support the game enough that the devs should attempt to improve the game how the PLAYERS see fit. Arena Net as a developer fail to innovate. The game is a product, sometimes products need repolish/redesign to keep up in the market.

+ Although this is more of a personal opinion, infusion stacking and other various methods of "fashion wars" ruin the overall atmosphere. I PERSONALLY liked it better when legendries were the shiniest weapons to boot. Now everyone has wings and ridiculous colors, it ruins the lore of the game. This game has great lore and story but it is tarnished by flame chairs and pink afros.

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+ The lack of overall innovation in this game is disappointing. Most of the gameplay is the same and the devs fail to bring something new to the table. Arena-Net is playing it too safe and the gameplay really reflects that. Hearts here and hearts there. It's boring. The last time arena net revamped gameplay was when they released mounts which was fantastic. Now what? Whats next Arena Net? We need to innovate product and dream bigger and better.

+ Zero Communication is the probably the worst offender. We as players PLAY your product, sorry if this sounds like much but you owe us some form of communication. This undoubtly improves overall community morale. If not give us the upgrades we desire, please be up front and tell us as a community why.

Now I still play this game but it has gotten boring and lackluster. The same old 1-2-3 3-2-1. Perhaps this is the natural way of things once you do it long enough so for that I understand. Ultimately, I just wanted to know what the overall community thinks about the points noted above.

TLDR; Long time player feels like the game is lacking in development, communication and innovation

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