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Guild MM Present: A Hardstuck GvG Tournament, This June!

Greetings Gamers!

I am very pleased to announce that Guild MM, partnering with Hardstuck and Mightyteapot, will be hosting a GvG (Guild vs Guild) Tournament, and it will be starting in just about a month!

But Roy, there's no such thing as GvG in GW2!!!

Fear not, for that has never stopped us even a little bit in the last 8 years, and it certainly won't be stopping us now!


We've put on Tournaments in the past, but never with the same ambition as this! Starting May 31st Guilds on both regions, EU and NA, will be split up into groups, and will GvG within their groups for 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, on June 19/20th each region will have a Final, consisting of the top guilds from each group. Finally, on June 26th we will hold a Global Finals for the top guild from each region. For the first time ever, we will be including Cross Region GvG's in a Tournament!


You can view the overall structure/rules/dates for the Tournament Here

You can view the current and future list of signed up guilds here:




Currently the gold pool is at around 100k Gold. This will be split amongst the top 8 guilds (4 from each region). This gold is also being used to fund transfers during the Tournament in the event a guild is needed to transfer to avoid Guild Hall matches. All leftover gold at the end will be designated as the prizepool. Donations are certainly welcome, and can be sent in game to:

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guild mm.4269




Please make sure you specify that you are donating for the GvG Tournament. Thank you very much <3


We will have several streams throughout the duration of the Tournament. Most GvG's, and specifically the Regional/Global Finals will be streamed on either:

Guild MM


Secondary streams are currently:


The list of streams will be updated if more people sign on.

Sign ups are still open, and will be for the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in taking part in this tournament, join one of the below discords for more information and help with joining in! Anyone also just interested in the tournament and GvG in general is more than welcome to join any or all discords!

Main Tournament Discord

EU GvG Discord

NA GvG Discord

We are extremely excited to be putting this tournament on, and look forward to seeing everyone compete. Good luck, and see you all in the Arena!



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