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Gw2/Anet Account safety measures are punishing innocent players

As I'm writing this I am waiting for an anonymous ticket ( cant log in) to be answered.

So i returned to GuildWars2 after a long break, Anet allowed the game to be played by GeForce Now service so I gladly took the oportunity to get back into the game and to be honest im having a lot of fun. However last afternoon when I tried to log in my account was "Blocked for security purposes".

Well, I'm aware that games like GW2, with a gemstore and real money involved, the comunity is always facing the threat of ill-intentioned people, some might try to steal accounts, others might use stolen Credit Card information to sell gold in other websites. As in every other online game, some people might not obey to rules of conduct and other TOS. So devs and admins have to create safety measures to keep the game and the community healthy and some of them are made due to automation.

In my case, I was probably caught in an automatic false flag due to sharing IP with someone with bad intentions (GFN). Until my ticket is replied that's the only thing I can think off to justify what is happening, but I'm sure that my account is as safe as it has ever been.

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With that said, im sure that once my ticket gets read my account will be unlocked and I'll be able to play again, I havent done anything that violates the TOS. However I am also sure that I am not the first person to be false flagged and that nothing will prevent it from happening again (and after all, this game was a service that I bought). Adding to that, Anet probably hasn't got the human ressources to provide quicker ticket feedback in such big community as GW2 is.

Probably asking for a quicker ticket response time is not that realistic, but asking for a more precise automatic ban/flag mechanism is. If there is any "security purpose" that means to be checked, the player could be contacted first before being blocked. After all, as a player, once you have your account bound to an email its your (the player) responsability to make sure its data is safe. If Anet doesn't trust GeForce Now service enough to allow its players to use it, its also a decision that only devs/admins can make since GFN only provides access to games requested/allowed by developers , but as a player I'd like not to be blocked when im not doing anything against the rules, specially if there's no way to fix the problem in a reasonable time.

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One way or the other, this is just a shoutout i'd like to give and a discussion I'd like to open, not to create Drama ( Rule #3 of r/Guildwars2) , but to improve the game itself. Once my account gets unblocked ill probably write a similar text into the GW official forum in order to try to make a call so situations like mine do not happen again.

On my part I'll just wait for my ticket to be read, if I havent been replied yet its probably because there are a lot of people in the line in front of me that deserve the support team attention aswell. But I'd really like for stuff like this not to happen again, not with me, not with anyone else.

Any ideas? similar experiences? Advice?


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