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How to use finishers in Raids – Non pChrono record on SH

Greetings fellow redditors,

My Chaotic Asylum is proud to present you our latest speedkill on Soulless Horror.

If you thought you knew all the strengths of the Chrono class, then you might have forgotten about the existence of combo fields and that chrono has access to a huge amount of finishers. This kill is not only about dropping most supporters and stacking the purple class due to its high bench but also a comp utilizing the combo finisher system, which has already been part of several other records.

Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3

cChrono (Nanox)


The comp:

We removed classes like Renegade or BS, which are spamming fields other than ethereal and also use finishers and thus take spots from the Phantasmal Wardens. Druid was the only one who survived the purge since we needed healing and might which, unlike alacrity and quickness, could not be supplied by the Chronos.

The strategy:

We tried to get as many whirl finishers as possible into the ethereal/smoke fields for maximum confusion output. Therefore, we used Focus off-hand in order to cast the Phantasmal Warden with its 24 finishers per cast (12 from the first phantasm – 12 from the resummon through chronophantasma), which enabled an insanely high confusion burst in the beginning and a very good uptime over the whole fight. As a nice bonus, the Phantasmal Wardens destroy the attacks of the Flesh Worms. Furthermore, the Chronos could help the Druid with keeping the Tormented Dead away from the group.

To ensure that as many finishers as possible hit the boss, we had to place the Phantasmal Warden inside the hitbox. At the same time, it was important to stay as synchronized as possible.

Short explanation of combo fields:

Each combo field can be used by up to five characters. When a finisher is used, the oldest free field is always prioritized. A complete list of all possible finishers can be found in the wiki.

We hope you enjoy the kill as much as we do and see you around!

Special Thanks to RedDiamond.5746, Jenny.3791, Horus.9685, lemmino.1349 for helping out during progress.


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