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I am once again offering FREE Pvp and WvW roaming coaching for New/Experienced players on EU and NA!

Seeing I have another week with little to do, the last time was a success and I still have too many people waypointing whenever they see me in WvW after doing a big stinky in their pants out of sheer terror. I am reposting This!

I'm here to offer free roaming coaching for WvW (My knowledge of zerging is rather limited so I can't do much more and slide you to people more knowledgable on that front than I am!) and Spvp coaching!

Who is this for?

This is for pretty much everyone who'd like help. I don't care if you've played 2000 games and are hard stuck in gold 3, or if you haven't done a single PVP game before because you're scared of hopping into it (I'm serious here. It's pretty normal for people to be anxious when it comes to trying out Pvp or WvW for the first time. If you have that problem and need a hand, feel free to reach out as well!)

One quick disclaimer. The coaching is mostly meant for people below platinum rating/people in lower ranks since they benefit the most from getting pushed in the right direction and having their questions answered with some personal help!

So! What can I coach?

I cover a multitude of classes and builds. I'll list them below so people can see what I play and what I can comfortably help people with! For the classes that aren't listed here: I know someone else who can help with those so feel free to just ask!

WarriorPower WarPower/Condi ZerkerPower SB
GuardianPower/SupportPower DHPower/Hybrid/Support FB
RevenantPower Herald
ThiefCondiPower d/p
EngineerPower/Condi lmaoPower/Condi/SupportPower/Condi
ElementalistSurprised Pikachu memePower/Condi/SupportFire Weaver/Staff Weaver

So! How does this work exactly? In general. We'll go over whatever you want to go over. Build, Gear, Matchups, Mechanics, Keybindings, Settings, etc. You name it. This goes for both classes you already play or haven't even really touched before. If you need a full-on explanation of what to do in Spvp and/or WvW, we can just go over that too!

If you want help with more complicated things such as rotations and decision-making then I highly advise recording your own gameplay so we can go over that together.

The coaching will be done in a discord call, just because that makes explaining things easier! If you just have questions you're more than happy to PM them to me on discord and I can just answer them in text chat!

If you're interested and/or have any questions, then feel free to just shoot me a message on Discord! UpbeatOrchit#2763

One quick note I am going to leave here: If you add me, please don't forget to send me a message. There's always a couple people who shoot a friend request my way, only to completely forget to do anything with it afterward!


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