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I made a program to automatically update ArcDPS and d912pxy!

Hi there!

I'm sure most here are well aware of the various different programs floating around attempting to solve the somewhat-complicated nature of installing these two very helpful addons for GW2 (and then some). The latest of which, GW2 Unofficial Addon Manager, is one I myself personally used for quite some time, but eventually gave it up due to various bugs and general difficulty with using it.

So, because of this, I decided it well time I give the problem a try. So, today, I present to you my own attempt! These bat files handle everything on their own and require absolutely nothing else to work except an internet connection and the 64bit version of gw2 (and obviously a 64bit computer running windows). They dynamically download the proper files directly from the official source (arcdps's own website for arcdps, and github for d912pxy) and shouldn't require any updates so long as no bugs are found and so long as the URLs the program uses remain the same. They download any tools they need when needed, and remove them when they're done!

So, on to how to use it:

  • Drop one or both of the .bat files in the root gw2 directory. That's the folder where your gw2-64.exe resides. Don't put it in your bin64 folder, it'll mess it up! For example, for me, I drop the .bat files in my D:/Games/Guild Wars 2 folder.
  • Double click on the .bat file you want to run
  • Follow the prompts
  • Done!
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The "_update_addons.bat" file is a comprehensive file that can update/install both, one, or the other, as well as do some very basic troubleshooting such as disabling or removing the addons, and even entirely removing the addons altogether. The "_quickautoupdate.bat" file, on the other hand, when ran, updates/installs both ArcDPS and d912pxy without requiring any user input whatsoever!

You may see warnings here or there such as file not found, there's no need to worry about them, they're expected and the program handles them on it's own. The only issues to be concerned about are:

  • updating/installing not working/not putting the files in the right place
  • sudden mess of red text in the program's console
  • program spontaneously exiting without user input
  • any other unexpected behavior that prevents the program from running as normal

I have a shortcut to both of these on my desktop so that I can run them any time I need to.

And, without further ado, the download links!



If anyone runs into ANY issues, please either report them here, DM me here on Reddit, or DM me on Discord (Ruv#0119). The same goes for any questions or suggestions; contact me in any fashion and I'll be sure to do my best to respond! My IGN is Bluaxe.5014, and I usually respond to DMs if I'm online, as well!

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As is the nature of batch scripts, these programs are entirely open source, so if anyone has any suggestions, improvements, et cetera they'd like to share, please do so!


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