Guild Wars 2

I want to kill the gods.

I, the Commander, want to kill the gods, one by one. Their magic is powerful but obtainable by a mortal like me. Kormir did it, and she was basically a walking title. I took the last shots on Zhaitan while the Destiny's Edge stood aside and waited the end of battle. I killed Mordremoth while faced the enemy and my weak allies aswell. I put Primordus sleep one more time before I killed Balthazar, the very god a fire. I cheated death only to kill cheater of deaths, the Lich, the never ending dictator of the crystal desert, the beloved Palawa Joko. On the back of my elder dragon, I killed Kralkatorrik releasing the immense amount of magic only to aid her, not myself. I was no selfish, not for a moment. But I, the Commander, the line between chaos and order, the proven protector of this world and the next one, I deserve the power, the rightful weapon, the ability to put my best fight against the foes of those who seek the end of Tyria! And for that, I need power, godly power. I need consumable power in my hand… So first, I want to kill Kormir. A revenge long awaited. She turned her back on her people when she knew exactly how helpless they were. She turned her back on me, and on Tyria with that. She deserves to die and her power should serve Tyria as it did way before she obtained it unrightfully from Abaddon. After I killed Kormir, I want Lyssa. The shadow behind Balthazar's plans, the answer for a detective's question. She, the traitor deserves to die for Tyria, as she would have killed for the one who had no regard for it's people. With the power of Lyssa and Kormir I want to take the head of Grenth as once he took Dhuum's with only mortals and nothing else. The rule of life and death must be restored. After I dealt Grenth I wish no harm for Melandru, the only true god of this world, the god of nature which should have been untouched by anyone above the clouds of Tyria. Then I will turn my attention to Jormag and Primordius. With and elder dragon at my side and the power of tree gods in my hand I will be the ultimate protector of this world. I proved my clean intentions by serving the people since I made my name within the ranks of the Vigil. The gods' power proved to be containable and them leaving this world behind is just waste of valuable magic against the enemies of Tyria. We need this power. I need this power.

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So… any guide or YouTube video how should I do it?


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