Guild Wars 2

In an alternate reality where Icebrood Saga was a full expansion…

Imagine the elite specializations we could have gotten. Here are some I was just toying around with:

The Nomad

  • Warrior elite specialization
  • New weapon: Staff
  • New utility skill type: Elixirs
  • Traits and skills would focus on easy access to CC and boons so warrior can tank like chrono (blocks, invulns, easy access to vigor, etc.)
  • Adrenaline would become Mushroom Fury, which would act like Necro Shroud and instead of a Burst Skill, the Nomad gets access to a Mushroom Rage transform
  • Themed around Charr gladium or renegades, like Nicabar Steelweaver (yeah, I know he wears light armor in Forging Steel — I like how much he loves mushrooms, ok?)

The Flameshielder

  • Guardian elite specialization
  • New weapon: Warhorn
  • New utility skill type: Glyphs
  • Traits and skills would focus on tanking via lots of self-sustain and group Aura share — could pick between Fire Aura or Frost Aura, Light Aura or Dark Aura, and Magnetic Aura or Shocking Aura depending on trait picks
  • Virtues become Aura of Justice, Aura of Resolve, Aura of Courage (with associated traits affecting what kind of aura the new virtue Auras generate)
  • Themed around the traditional Paladin like core Guardian but with a charr Flame Legion twist (thanks Efram Greetsglory for sharing the magic)

The Brawler

  • Revenant elite specialization
  • New weapon: Main hand Axe
  • New skill type: Legendary Olaf Olafson
  • Traits and skills would focus on Power DPS with lots of self-Might generation and self-Vigor generation for plenty of dodges
  • Access to Boast profession mechanic, which would apply Taunt in AOE on enemies and apply Alemoot's Courage effect on allies, buffing their defenses (increased healing power, damage reduction, etc., like how Kalla's Fervor buffs offensive abilities)
  • Themed around the Norn Fighting Tournament and my favorite archetypical Norn from GW1

The Shaman

  • Elementalist elite specialization
  • New weapon: Longbow
  • New utility skill type: Spirits
  • Traits and skills would focus on support role, and give elementalists access to group Alacrity generation, along with a few other boons
  • Attunements would become Spiritual Attunements (Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Water, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Air)
  • Themed around the kodan and how they view the spirits

The Apostate

  • Necromancer elite specialization
  • New weapon: Sword
  • New utility skill type: Mantras
  • Traits and skills would focus on DPS role, and give necromancers access to group Quickness generation, along with a few other boons
  • Shroud would become Demonic Shroud, and gain abilities flavored similarly to the Voice from Deepstone Fractal
  • Themed around the Nightmare creatures, i.e. demons, and the Voice from the Deepstone Fractal

The Bard

  • Mesmer elite specialization
  • New weapon type: Shortbow
  • New utility skill type: Cantrips
  • Traits and skills would focus on a healer role, and give mesmers a choice between straight up healing, barrier generation, or a little of both
  • Shatter skills would become Rhythm skills instead, with unique buffs to weapon skills depending on the order the Rhythm skills are played (think like how Weaver dual skill changes on attunement swap)
  • Themed around the norn tradition of telling tales and forging their legends (also we finally get our Minstrel class 😛 )

The Saboteur

  • Thief elite specialization
  • New weapon type: Torch
  • New utility skill type: Traps
  • Traits and skills would focus on a condi DPS role, as well as give thieves access to group Quickness generation
  • Steal would become Sabotage, and instead of giving the thief a Stolen Skill, it would apply a timed effect on the target before "detonating" and applying Bleed, Burn, and Poison
  • Themed around the Ebon Vanguard from Guild Wars 1

The Trailblazer

  • Ranger elite specialization
  • New weapon type: Rifle
  • New utility skill type: Meditations
  • Traits and skills would focus on a ranged DPS role, with enhanced pets
  • Ranger pets would benefit from the Evolved Pet mechanic, making the Trailblazer's pet an Elder version with better stats and improved pet skills
  • Themed around Priory explorers and being self-reliant in the wilderness with only your pet to rely on (like core ranger but with gun)

The Mastermind

  • Engineer elite specialization
  • New weapon type: Daggers (main hand/off hand)
  • New utility skill type: Deceptions
  • Traits and skills would focus on DPS, but with a heavy dose of misdirection and trickery, like a mesmer but without magic
  • The elite tool belt skill would be replaced with Complex Schemes, a new profession mechanic that generates clones based on the number of tool belt skills used within a certain amount of time
  • Themed around Order of Whispers and Ash Legion, AKA spies and commandos, using misdirection and distraction rather than stealth to infiltrate

Anyway, obviously, these are just for fun. Still a bummer we never got the full expansion treatment with IBS, but hey, all ahead full for Cantha. 'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!


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