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To be 100% honest, we also dodged and swapped weapons. It first started as a different project, we wanted to see how much damage can any DPS class do, by utilizing weapon skill 1 only. The DPS classes would have every boon and buff they needed provided by the supporters which are allowed to use everything they want. We wanted to take this one step further and also allow the supporters to only use their autoattack.

The rules are as follows: You are not allowed to use the active of any heal, utility or elite skill. You are not allowed to use any weaponskill but weaponskill 1. You are not allowed to use profession skills (F1-F5 default)

You are allowed to dodge. You are allowed to swap your weapon.

Boons and Conditions

First of all we had to solve boons. We decided to go with one staff Mirage tank who can provide Might and some Fury for the Squad. Alacrity was irrelevant. We realised, that it is impossible to provide permanent quickness by using only weaponskill 1. Some classes have traits that occasionally give you some quickness randomly but nothing comes as close as to having any form of decent quickness uptime. We had to take it as it as and live without quickness.

For conditions on the boss we decided to go only for vulnerability and there are actually a lot of different options to inflict it. Sword skill 1 from Revenant, Mesmer and Staff skill 1 from Daredevil provide permanent 25 stacks of vulnerability if you take some of those. We decided to go with Daredevils first, because they could utilise their dodges to do some extra damage and to gain some modifiers out of it.

The Team Composition

Daredevils have very good sustain thanks to Invigorating Precision and do not rely on any additional healing source. However they only heal themselfs when they do damage, meaning that they are simply downing while bringing out the bombs on Dhuum. We scrapped the comp and went for something different.We realised, that the staff Mirage did more damage than the Daredevils. We decided to go for Condition Axe Mirages since they can do even more damage also thanks to their unique profession mechanic. However stacking Mirages was not the way to go here because they cant survive this encounter without any help and also cannot inflict any vulnerability.

To solve this, we added 4 Power Core Guardians who used Hammer skill 1 that creates a symbol upon every third autoattack strike. These symbols apply vulnerability, grant protection and heal allies. For some more sustain the Guardians took Signet of Courage, which passively heals the group.

Our Kiter was also a Core Guardian, who outsustained himself and healed the Reapers with his dodge.

The Encounter

First we wanted to tank Dhuum in front of his throne but we quickly realised, that we cannot stealth the reapers to lure the enforcer towards the squad. We went for side tanking instead.

To cleanse the torment during the Soul Split, we used Sigill of Cleansing on the second weaponset.

The 10% Phase happened to be the hardest part of the whole encounter. Without superspeed, protection or swiftness, activating the marks and making it back alive to Dhuum is not that easy. The 10% damage reduction food helped here a lot. Mirages could survive this phase easier than the guardians so the guardians had to take the superspeed orbs to make it.



Core Guard | Crosis |

Core Guard | Koszkaty |

Core Guard | Moe |

Core Guard | Joiend |

Mirage | Frenzy |

Mirage | Snappy |

Mirage | Seatek |

Mirage I ster I

Staff Mirage | Holo |

Core Guardian Kite | Nightmare |


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