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Ranger pet balance discussion

Content of the article: "Ranger pet balance discussion"

Oh boy. I know this is gonna get a lot of traction in one way or another.

So, ranger pets. Some are great, and some are COMPLETE GARBAGE. PvP, PvE, WvW, whatever mode. Devourerererererers suck. Birds are strong in pvp. Drakes are eeeehhh, if you need to you can certainly use them, but there's better options for damage or bulk. Jacaranda exists.

However, I have NO IDEA what to do for these guys, even as a ranger main. The last time I used a devourer was.. January, when I saw it and grabbed it for completions sake, and tried it out a bit.

Of course, we could just go for the whole "make numbers bigger" thing, but I feel that wouldn't make the pets more useful other than making them overwhelmingly strong in a pvp scenario- there's some pets (like the bristleback or cats as a whole) that are super hard hitting, but also take 2 damage to kill. Then there's others, like the Jacaranda, who are so all around good its kind of broken. So, I would like to theorize what we could do with you guys. Just numbers? Change up some attacks? Something different?

Also, quick druid discussion: why do some of these glass cannon creatures need to get completely nerfed? Why not change it so that it's like soulbeast- their archetype lowers those stats and keeps the rest. That way, your ferocious creatures wouldn't die so easily from their less natural bulk and can still not do as much damage as they would normally, and your bulky creatures could still do their already pretty poor damage (relative to others) and lose a bit of their beef.

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I hope we can get some good balancing changes for rangers pets to make everything more universally viable without being extremely powerful in most situations that call for using a pet (damage, damage, eating hits, more damage) before cantha drops, even though it'll likely add only a few more pets similar to how PoF and HoT didn't add too many. I hope we can get some good new pets though! And that the Phoenix returns and is an actual firebird and not… what gw1 had… hearing about that and then seeing it was a disappointment.


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