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Ranger Pet Critical Chance is Lower Than Expected P2

After my previous post about ranger pets, u/Tulki made me think that the pets might not be receiving enough critical chance from fury. So, for this test the pets had no boons, no spotter, and the only trait lines that were active were either druid or soulbeast. This means that the innate precision of the pet will be the only thing influencing its critical chance.

Since, I did not have any boons on the pet, the time to kill each golem was very long so I just wanted to do testing on one pet. From my last test it is reasonable to assume that the pets with the same critical chance are no different from one another, but I wanted to confirm that. I conducted a chi squared test to see if any of the pets’ critical chance I did previously were different from one another (excluding the Juvenile Eagle and Juvenile Jaguar). With my previous data I used the chisq.test function in r to quickly find the p-value. I did receive an error which said that the chisq.test function might not give accurate results, but with a p-value of 0.9996 it confirms the eyeball test that there is insignificant evidence to conclude that the Juvenile Jacaranda’s critical chance is NOT equal to the other pets I tested. With this, I only tested the Juvenile Jacaranda. To be completely transparent, this implies that the pets with different precision might be affected differently that the 1524 base precision pets I tested.

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I did the same tests as last time as well as the same analysis. Again, the intervals do not enclose the theoretical critical chance. Which implies that the critical chance of pets is lower than it should be. On a side note, for the druid test the jacaranda averaged 5% critical chance which is about 20% critical chance lower than what I found in my previous test I believe that they are being properly affected by fury.

From my findings the pets have about 40% of the critical chance they should for soulbeasts and base rangers and 30% of the critical chance they should for druids. The reason the druid pet is 30% lower and not 40% is because when you use the p-hat value from the base ranger you find the precision of the pet is about 1154.067 and when you take 80% of that value you get 923.2539 which would imply a critical chance of 1.35% but the base critical chance is 5%.

Data and plot

Tldr: Ranger pets with 1524 precision have about 75% of the precision they are supposed to have resulting in 40% of the critical chance they should.


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