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Reminder that Preview Window is still completely dysfunctional

For a game that is all about cosmetic rewards, and cosmetic items being the main source of profit, the preview window is just abysmal.

First off, it can't fit a single charr from any angle, even with weapons stowed.


I'd gripe about the character being severely off-center, but funnily enough at least you can see one hand from the front like this, which would be impossible if it was centered properly (hilariously, the actual rotation axis is neither at the center of the character, nor at the center of the window). Also, if you think humans – the poster boys and girls for the fashion endgame – are any better, you'd still be only half-correct. They fit the window in most angles, but even then, from the back view the right hand clips into the dye icons.

But of course, all hell breaks loose when you unsheathe the weapons. Now nothing fits, you can't see how weapons look on your character, you have to rotate it all around to even see the whole item, and some weapons (notoriously, rifles) don't even fit into "weapons only" view which still doesn't give you a proper representation of how it would look on your character, not just a weapon in a vacuum.

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A simple sword literally can't be viewed from a side in full.

Trying to preview a greatsword is a foregone conclusion on any character, much less a charr. It's literally impossible to view an unsheathed greatsword on a charr in full, from any angle. Even on a human, it's only from one particular angle, and even then, it's subject to perspective distortion, plus just doesn't give you a proper representation.

What the hell is this?

Besides all that, the dye UI is atrocious. Having to preview dyes from the trading post is the saddest workaround I can imagine. And of course you can only color all items at once, which just ain't great.

Not being able to preview 2 one-handed weapons at once is a definite minus as well.

What Arenanet should do, is make the preview window resizable, zoomable, pannable (as in, move the character up/down/left/right) and rotatable around not just one, but 2 axes (X and Y) like the mount previews already work. Plus make a proper dye palette, and allow dual wield on previews. Also, for some ridiculous reason, preview window has antialiasing disabled even when the entire game has it enabled. So you see these ugly jagged edges everywhere.

As the preview window stands now, it's pathetic, it's unacceptable, it's outdated, cumbersome, detestable, dysfunctional and failing spectacularly to do the one thing it's supposed to do.

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P.S. : The fact that you can't preview dyes at all on mount skins you haven't unlocked is awful and a big detractor for buying skins, since the default dyes are often terrible, and some mounts have great dye channels, while others are shit. Great example of this is Branded Mount Pack – by default they possess a rather unsightly grey color and tar black with boring purples. Not particularly exciting unless you adore branded aesthetic, and even then it misses the mark. But through the magic of dyes, a branded raptor can become a fierce lava raptor, or frost-themed icicle-adorned raptor, or a magnificent bloodstone-themed raptor, or many other themes. Which is great value and would definitely show a player that it's worth buying. If people could preview dyes, that would surely boost sales, and stuff.


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