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Snow Crows [SC] Cardinal Sabir Speedkill (2:09)

Content of the article: "Snow Crows [SC] Cardinal Sabir Speedkill (2:09)"

Hello Reddit and fellow Guild Wars 2 players,

Snow Crows is proud to present you our latest speedkill.

Cardinal Sabir with a kill time of 2:09 (6:51 left on the clock)

Log (Link to

Our strategy:

In previous records the portals were limited by the encounter specific portal restriction, that prevented taking portals that were too far apart in height. (You can see an example of this in our first Sabir record:


The plan for this record was to improve portals, to speed splits up.

We managed to do that by discovering that the height restriction does not apply, when you trigger a loading screen with the portal, which happens when you take it from more than 5000 range away. Video on how they bypass height restriction:

After a lot of testing the portals we ended up using are:

  • One Chrono precasts a portal on platform 3 by starting up there at encounter start. After phase 1 everybody takes that portal and drops down to phase 2.
  • Another Chrono precasts a portal on the last split platform when the fight starts. After phase 2 we take that portal to the end of split 2, to reach the last phase very fast.
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Reason why other portals didn’t work:

  • When entering the next platform, the old platform becomes a ‘killzone’ where you just instantly die.
  • If everybody is in a loading screen at the same time the boss despawns, so we had somebody delay taking it to prevent that.

Fun facts:

  • With our portals the shockwave mechanic during second phase (that we skipped with high dps) doesn’t actually do damage.
  • With a bit of good timing the cc in second phase can be skipped if it would happen while Sabir wants to finish the cast of the shockwave. (We decided against abusing it, as it seems sort of game breaking)

Our comp:

(click on each name for that person's YouTube video)

Subgroup 1 Subgroup 2 Subgroup 3
Max (pChrono) Alex (Druid) Warrior (Luna)
Nika (pChrono)
Stephan (pChrono)
Shion (pChrono)
Lawitz (pChrono)
Tobi (pChrono)
Jerry (pChrono)
Yanic (Renegade)

We concluded that power Chrono stacking is just the most powerful option because of its high damage and its high cc capability. Thanks to that we not only had faster splits, due to the portals, but also faster phase times than previous records.

Just like in our last record we all played Sigil of Paralyzation to increase our cc as well as taking some Moas and some Signets of Domination.

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Blooper reel (by Alex):

As always, hope you enjoy 🙂

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