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(Spoiler) Some Issues with difficulties in Living World Season 4

I'm playing right now Living World Season 4, have buyed the whole collection recently and enjoy the story around it. I'm in the fifth episode, doing stuff in Deldrimor after I got through the challenges of Glint with Aurene. What I have noticed for myself were certain pretty hard mechanics that repeatedly get me to rage when I encounter these.

In, I believe, almost every episode there were certain missions I clearly hated and didn't get along with them as simply as I thought. I play as an Renegade, have all of the four basic mounts completely skilled, got the griffon (And skilled it completely) and so on. But all of these didn't make my experience much … better with certain missions.

In the third episode, where you have these stealth mission to kill some guards and later on plant your plant wall and destroy siege engines, I had quite difficult times to deal with certain mechanics that could really simply end your life. Like enemies that block your ability to get out of stealth because the button you have to get out of stealth is now used to capture this enemy (Especially useful when you are caught by a guard and get killed too quickly because get stunned all the way). Kinda hated these step on a elsewhere really good mission, and I loved the fight against Joko and the walk towards him where you have to deal with illusion magic and riddles.

Second, much more enraging encounter was the one with the sharpshooter in episode 4. You want Balthasars Sword, this person steals it and you have to deal with a stupidly hard mission where you have to deal with toxic gases, self-exploding enemies, shots from this boss where one of them can end your life (Especially when certain other mechanics shaking their hand with these shots) and, not annoying enough, the boss have three phases where you have to deal with every step (Getting to the boss through the danger zone, trying to kill the boss until she decides to jump to another platform) three times.

And, in the same episode where you are in the Mists and have to flee from the storm … The raptor-part was pretty fine. I've failed sometimes because I got a jump not right or didn't catched a magic ball and therefore didn't made a jump because of low endurance. But this was kinda okay. But the second part of this thing where you had to jump from little rocks to another was killing all of the fun. I didn't know what I've done wrong with that, but I never got out with the rabbit. After too many fails (And maybe my own stupidity in that regard) I have experimented a bit out of frustration, used my griffon and glided over every obstacle to get out of there. But I don't think that this is the way you should be doing this.

I like many things about this game, but such little mechanics are just simply annoying to deal with. They are looking great and make sense within the story like the stealth mission, that was basically fun. But there are certain things I clearly hate about the design because it's seems to me like there is some sadistic dev in the team who likes to make missions annoying and less fun to deal with and puts mechanics and enemies in that just to annoy players. I know, this isn't true at the end, and maybe I'm a bit biased, but the whole playthrough of PoF was so incredibly easy compared to Season 4. Killing Balthasar, dealing with the plot in the Desolation and Vaabi where you had some hard missions and so on were things where you had to concentrate alot, but also knew that if you fail in any way, the reason for that failing is simply your skill in playing your profession right. But in these little annoying missions where your profession don't play well or you have to deal with mechanics and enemies that get into certain synergies or whatever, where your skill in the game don't count as much as in other missions, I get annoyed by that because it's not rewarding that you get killed and you know why you get killed, but you can't do much about it than trying to find stupid solutions to annoying problems.

But I see a good thing within it: I finally learn to enjoy HoT. I never liked HoT, therefore I don't made many masteries. But nowadays, especially with the griffon, I enjoy HoT much more because I can simply avoid certain enemies that kick me from my mounts 😀

So … my final conclusion to that is, and the reason why I'm writing this really long text and complain about little things is: Am I the one who failed in these missions? Or are these parts really that hard to deal with? I know that certain professions are better for certain tasks, and obviously the Renegade isn't the best in dealing with the sharpshooter-segment and so on.


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