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Stay Unfrosty. The best and worst achievement ever made

First of all… This is not one of those "Game bad" post. I love this game but we all can agree that GW2 has his problems(like every other game) so do not take this post in the wrong way. Just take it like a "fun post"

Second, this is not one of those "this achievement is hard" post… I mean, it is. Just google all the poor souls trying to get it.. But I think this achievement is hard by all "wrong ways" (at least imho).

Let me explain myself. What is fascinating about this little achievement hidden in the Living World Season 3 is that if you are trying to get it… You will probable face every single problem this game has compacted on a single piece of content. It's almost magical. I will all those problems right there:

  • BUGS! This is the easy one. This achievement has bugs. The one that happened to me is that If the boss goes too much to the east like this the AI just breaks and the beast stop moving. Sometimes he does it for 30 seconds.. sometimes you have to restart the fight all over again. And making the beast go to that place is really really easy. So watch out! Like you saw in the video the bug didn't happened there but in my case it did every single time… with no exception. I don't know why. Because bugs are kinda random and maybe most of the players didn't face any I wont go too hard on this one….

  • Lacks of planning from ANET part If you didn't know. To try this achievement you have to do first 15 minutes of Braham and Rox TALKING AND TALKING AND WALKING AND O MY GOD WHY ARE YOU NOT RUNNING. At least the first time. The second time you have a checkpoint to just go to the fight. That's amazing but that checkpoint was added like a month after this chapters was released. I mean… didn't they even considered that trying to complete this achievement was going to be a pain in the ass? Remember, there are others achievements besides this one attached to this particular fight. Imagine all those poor souls that play content and do achievements during release and had to complete it that way!

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I know what are you thinking now: Come on… the checkpoint is there… STOP COMPLAINING! I know.. I know…. But .. with that little detail comes the next problem:

  • Lack of consistence between content This is one of the most annoying. Cool! you have a fast checkpoint to try the final boss without wasting time. Now.. Why on hell others achievements doesn't have this? And I'm not talking about other seasons or the expansions.. I'm talking about final bosses of the same season. For example: Dodger Danger . To try this achievement you have to do the final fight. And if you get hit by a lightning, you are done. And to reach that fight you have to do a lot… puzzles including movement and fire.. really annoying. WHY you don't have this checkpoint system here? This makes replaying content for achievements a chore. And is even more hurtful knowing that others chapters have such checkpoints system.

And this is the part that you are probably thinking: Come on.. to get the mastery for the LWS3 chapter you don't need to do ALL achievements… just like, 95% of them. Why not just let that one out? Well… guess what!

  • Lacks of consistence in mastery requirements To get the A Crack in the Ice) mastery you need to do 100%… including Stay Unfrosty.. so YOU have to do it. WHY? WHY WHY WHY? Why the others chapters of the season don't need a 100% but this little fucker does?!

But I didn't talk about much this achievement … So let's get into it:

  • It's depends on RGN bullshit. If you didn't know. To get this achievement you just need to avoid being frozen out. The attack is not hard to predict. The beast has two mains attacks: Charge and the ice beam. Both have the same animation but you will know when the ice attack will come because there are no arrows in the floor indicating the charge direction. That's easy right? The problem is that there is a constant AOE attack that will knock you if you get hit. And that means that you will be probable being hit by the ice beam. That AOE usually use 60% of the floor you will have to use your dodge. That won't be too hard to avoid but you have to add the problem of being already slowed down because there are also constant ice attacks from the minions. So, you have to save your dodges in a ocean of AOE and conditions. Now, about The ice Bram Attack. Sometimes has a range of 0.. sometimes of 900.. Sometimes It will hit you if you are not in front of the beast.. sometimes it will. There is no way to know. You don't have a red circle like most of the attacks. So it's basically just pure luck most of the time. If you have dodges and you keep your distance you will be probably fine. But if you don't.. good luck! Watching this video from our dear AyinMain there is no fucking way you not get hit by that playing solo. All the guides basically gives you two advices: Do it with a group. Or make Graham fight for you. We know the problem of the first one. This is really old content and is not easy to find groups for it. And even if you do it… he advice is to stay away and let the other people do it. Fun right? The second advice, can work but sometimes wont. You have to wait 25 minutes or even more but the fight maybe won't never end. At least not for me.

  • Braham makes everything worse! To kill the beast, you just can't do DPS from the distance. You have to get your hands dirty because you need to make the beast kill all the minions with his charge attack. Sometimes it works perfectly. You have several minions at the same spot. The beast charge at you and bam! All gone. But sometimes.. SOMETIMES… when you have a nice group of minions all put togheter the beast decides to charge against Braham instead of you.. Making the fight longer, and having to put all the minions together again because they usually go back to their original position. Thanks Braham!

  • Completely bullshit hit boxes Like here The beast hit the minion and the pillar.. why nothing happened? And this is not the only issue. Sometimes the beast wont kill a minion if he is too close to a pillar. Even if the beast charge it directly.

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Again… I know most of you already did this achievement. I also did. But when I finally got it I didn't feel like I achieved something.. more like… I avoided a punishment. So that's it. Getting this one was a complete trip. Frustration, angry, boredom, but at least it's done. I'm just happy I won't see Lake's Doric ever again…

That's all!


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