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Teh’s Trails Map Completion TacO Pack

Hey there explorers!

Teh here, aka from the Overflow, with the public release of my map completion pack!

Some of you may have heard about this project through the grapevine or from me talking about it in the Overflow discord, or even from me commenting on Souls' world record speedrun posts. I've kept it under wraps for a while until I was happy enough with it to release it to the public, and today I'm ready to do just that! If you don't care about the fluff, feel free to skip down to the bottom section and just grab the pack for yourself to test out.

So what is it?

This pack is designed to help you fully explore all 32 maps in core Tyria in order to get 2x Gift of Exploration. These items are used to craft legendaries and often are what prevent people from doing so. For most people map comp is a huge undertaking. The goal of this pack is to make map comp as smooth and fast as possible.

Why should I use this pack?

The answer is simple: Speed. There are many tools and packs available out there to guide you through map completion but I think you'll all find that they pale in comparison to the routing and techniques used in my pack. I'm a map comp speedrunner and I've worked for hundreds of hours with other speedrunners to find the most efficient routing and methods possible. This pack is a culmination of all that experience and includes all the same tricks and tools that I do in my runs. Just a month or so ago I ran 0-100% map comp, non-segmented, in 12 hours using this same pack. Souls', who currently holds the official world record of 11 hours 43 minutes uses this very same routing (albeit from a slightly older version).

So it's just for speedrunners?

Absolutely not! You're welcome to run the pack at any speed you'd like. If you want to brain off and just follow a trail you can most certainly do that, and you still will find that just following proper routing will shave a lot of time off your map comp experience. The pack also comes with a lot of quality of life features, like different trail colors, mount markers, heart zones to tell you where to complete hearts, descriptions on how to complete them the fastest and the ability to easily toggle on and off the stuff you don't need (like hero point trails, if you buy them from WvW!).

Short Teaser:

Alright, enough talk, just give me the pack to try out!

Direct Download Link

You can find the Git for the pack here.

Installation instructions (just drag and drop into the TacO POIs folder), a marker legend, and other useful info can be found in the wiki.

You can also join the official Teh's Trails discord for support or issue reporting!

Edit: Skyscale is used but not required for the pack, there's always a non-skyscale path included. Griffon is highly recommended/required, but you could technically just follow the path from below for the most part.

Edit 2: Also, yes, my pack uses waypoints. You can find an example of how that works here. (ignore the trail as that's a very old version haha)


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