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The Untamed – One can Dream

Disclaimer: I am purposefully not delving down each of my thoughts regarding this eSpec to hopefully keep this post from being just a MASSIVE wall of text. Lets discuss in the comments.

I have mained Ranger since launch and plan to main Ranger through EoD, regardless if Anet does anything to "fix" this new eSpec. My personal take, as with many others, is that the Untamed needs a complete overhaul. Rangers have been wanting/hoping for a pet centered eSpec for a long time and if this is the one we are getting lets do our utmost to make sure our voices are heard that its current design choice is not what we want.

With that being said, here are the things I would love to see implemented/changed in no order of importance.

  1. The unleashed mechanic and cantrips need an fx overhaul. The animations are fine, however, color palette is so gross and monochromatic. I also would love a size change for the pet when it is unleashed.

  2. The Untamed has to stop trying to be Bunny Thumper 2.0. This means some trait redesign is in order. Bunny Thumper is great, but I do not think any of us who were asking for it expected an eSpec that was ONLY Bunny Thumper. The traits need an overhaul to focus more on pet synergies. Not exactly like Mechanist, but that's a step in the right direction. Hammer can still be bunny thumper without the whole eSpec being bunny thumper.

  3. We need our pet buttons back and the ability to keybind them if we choose. Taking away the ability to command our pets to attack, return, and our button to quickly stow pets is bad design. Its okay if these buttons are not keybind by default (like swapping pet stance in core ranger), but at least give us the option to keybind them.

  4. The "core" Untamed trait as proclaimed by Anet (Vow of the Untamed) needs to affect pet damage and damage reduction. Imo, the pets gotta feel like a major component of the damage dealt for it to feel like a pet spec (looking at you mechanist…). Additionally, unleashed pets should have varied abilities based on its pet type (deadly, versatile, etc.) or species (dog, moa, bear, etc.). If not all the skills, I would settle for just the f3 skill to be different (similar to SB). Unleashed pets should also continue to use their core abilities on cooldown while unleashed. OR, if its simpler, just remove unleashed skills and buff all the base pet skills while unleashed with cd reduction, and some variation of boons, damage, and added conditions.

  5. Unleashed Ranger skills should not be tied to hammer, rather a set of skills that promotes fighting alongside your pet. No matter what weapon you use, its the same 5 skills and its all about fighting WITH your pet. We already have weapon skills that affect pets next attack and such, all 5 skills should be in this vein. White Lion from Warhammer Online is the pinnacle of MMO classes that got this trope/idea right (imo of course). The unleashed weapon can still be a hammer, but it can have its own static skin like ele conjured weapons. This skill set also will need a gap closer of sorts for players using a ranged weapon prior to unleashing.


Again…one can dream…


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