Guild Wars 2

Two questions (Ranger/Chronomancer)

For Ranger. I did this build.

I don't know if GS is much strongert than SW/A. I used SW/A just because the character is human and wanted to use the Shining Blade. Used the Long bow as a defensive option, but I still know it is kinda bursty.
The question is…. I don't know how suboptimal this build is. I already built a lot of characters, so I got a strong grip of the damage a character wold have with full berserker + offensive rune + offensive traits + boons, etc. But I admit, not much experience with Rangers.

But even with all the boons this build provides for itself, the damage is pretty subpar….at least 80% of what I would expect of a full Berserker build like that…. is there something wrong with the build? Is it because it is pure Ranger, and a Soulbeast would fare a lot better? Is it the LB as a second weapon set? Is there something I am doing wrong as a Ranger?

Now for Chrono. Is there a specific reason why Sword/X is the meta weapon for it? For a long time I've followed the meta, until the Chrono shatter changes, then I tried to focus on clone spam for effects. My main build for it ended being a full healer/boon Chrono.

Now I went for a second Chrono build focused on buffs and attack, with the same mentality: Seize the moment for quickness and Mimic + WoR for Alacrity. Went for GS for multiple clones and….Sw/Sh just for extra Alacrity and Quickness if needed or at the start of the combat.

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GS is a pretty reliable clone source, since I easily have three whenever Split Second is off cooldown.
With it I can keep Quickness and Alacrity way overtime….comparing to Sw/Sh. I dunno, always felt that Sw/Sh was clunky and slow (even if resourceful with the blur and boon removal). I always feel that I end up wasting more time using skills for boons than for damage.

Am I doing something wrong here too, or is it okay to use GS for it? Maybe Sw off-hand or Focus would be better for damage/support, if the shield is not or barely needed?


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