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Warrior/Berserker: Increased Berserk Duration Explanation

Today I had a discussion with a newer player, helping them out, and they had a question that I couldn't answer… so I did some testing!

Them: How come guides and rotations have you use Rage skills before entering berserk?
Me: Because similar to how Rage skills state that when used, they increase the duration of Berserk, which occurs in and out of Berserk.
Them: Is it the same duration as listed in the tooltip?
Me: I… think? I've never tested before, nor seen a post about it… Let's find out!

With that, I did the following testing on the training dummy (note that I broke combat between tests):

  • Entering combat and auto-attacking the golem until I had full adrenaline, then pressing Berserk and timing the duration. 15 seconds of Berserk.
  • Using each Rage skill before pressing Berserk: Shattering Blow (+3 sec), Sundering Leap (+5 sec), Headbutt (+2 sec), & Outrage (+5 sec, breaking stun). 20 seconds of Berserk.
  • Using only Outrage (+1 secs, no stun-break) before Berserk. 20 seconds of Berserk.
  • Using Headbutt (+2 sec) into Outrage (+5 sec, breaking stun) then waiting 5 minutes (autoattacking the enemy to keep in combat) and pressing Berserk. 20 seconds of Berserk.
  • Using multiple Berserks… during Berserk, using Rage skills, then stop using Rage skills; upon activating the next Berserk, I checked the duration of Berserk. 20 seconds of Berserk.
  • While having Smash Brawler trait enabled, casting no Rage skills before pressing Berserk (auto-attacking to generate adrenaline). 25 seconds of Berserk.
  • While having Smash Brawler trait enabled, Sundering Leap (+5 sec) before pressing Berserk (auto-attacking to generate adrenaline). 25 seconds of Berserk.
  • Removing Smash Brawler trait and pressing berserk after auto-attacking enough adrenaline. 15 seconds of Berserk.
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My conclusion, using a Rage skill to increase duration of Berserk outside of acts like having Smash Brawler, increasing Berserk duration by 5 seconds; this is only removed when combat ends. I did not check. Having Smash Brawler equipped gives +10 seconds, despite the tooltip stating +5 seconds (you can speculate why, but I won't do that here… only providing values).

I have updated the Wiki to describe the two-types of increasing Berserk duration (outside of Berserk & inside of Berserk):


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