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Why Gw2 popularity is declining? My perspective

Content of the article: "Why Gw2 popularity is declining? My perspective"

Guild Wars 2 was designed mainly for pvp game modes. As sPvP and WvW. It was supposed to be main endgame what's obvious to me.

Gw2 wasnt designed as pve endgame mmo. So game didn't need holy trinity. Unfortunately Arena Net core team which had bright vision for this game has changed. Many of them quit this company (including founders). Also they didn't finance this game enough. Most of the money they made on Guild Wars 2 was spent on side projects (which were never finished). And Gw2 became one big mess.

Arena Net neglected pvp. They focused more on pve, but this game mode was never able to shine, because game is not designed for pve. Pve needs holy trinity to learn players their role from begining. To let them join pve endgame easier. Holy trinity is important for pve for many reasons. In gw2 players don't know how to play. Game is also confusing them. They get tons of weird equipement. Gw2 creates difficulties in places where it shouldn't. And gives no difficulties where it should. Also good pve always needs gear progression, to encourage players to play this mode. Give them reason. While in Gw2 if you achive everything in pve, then there's no reason to play it more. Furthermore pve always needs regular new content so players can group together (no matter if someone is new or old player) and do new content. While in Gw2 we have huge gap between veterans and new players. We need thousands of KP's. So it's harder to enter gw2 raids (which are very casual), than start raiding in FF14 or WoW, which have harder raids. Because in GW2 it's all about doing very old content over and over again. So Arena Net abandoned raids, dungeons, strike missions, and fractals. And they focus mainy on story (which also isn't that good, because Guild Wars 2 story don't give us any choices. As good RPG should. We are just an observer's here so for many players its boring).

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So at this point Gw2 ended as game which have worse pvp than other games. Worse pve than other games. And worse story than other games. Once players realize it then they move on to other games. The only advantage of this game is its low price.


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