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Yearly Labyrinth Builds

Last tuesday Halloween came back and with it the Labruns. As a Commander I often get asked what builds I would recommend so I decided to talk a bit more about them in this post.

First of all lets go over the Equiptment. The Lab contains two types of farming methods, for one you run in circles and kill everything you see, for the other you clear doors where many enemies spawn and you need AoE. There are many weak enemies and its enough to only hit them once to get possible loot. Therefore you do not want to deal too many damage as everyone wants the loot. I recommend to run full Magis gear or just take off all your trinkets if you run something else. You also could run a crappy weapon to reduce damage over all. Runes of Speed are nearly a must and highly recommended. If you really struggle with survivbility you could also run runes of Vampirism. As for Sigils I recommend again Speed and an additionally one per class. If you play Mirrage or Daredevil you might wanna run Stamina or Energy. For other classes Sigil of Fire gives you a little AoE every 5 seconds while a Signet of Frenzy lets you use your big Skills just a little bit faster. For Food of course you should use whatever gives you magic find. You can see here how to maximize your magic find: Magic Find

After the basics lets now move on to the builds themselves.

Flamethrower Scrapper:This is the Build I mostly play myself. It brings many boons with it, is super easy to play, can remove condis, tags many enemies and has enough AoE for the Doors in the Labyrinth.

Shortbow Daredevil: This might be the most used Build for Labyrinthfarming. It is super fast, shortbows can tag up to 3 enemies per shot. Some people take Lotus-Training over Unhinderet Combatant but I like the condiremove you get from the later if the Acrobatictraitline is not enough. In addition you could use a Staff for doorclearing if you prefer. AoE's are rather rare for Rogues but your tagging while running should make up for it.

Greatsword Mirrage: Similar as the Rogues Shortbow, the Greatsword of a mirrage can target multiple enemies while dodging. For this Build you want as much endurance as you can get as your Mirrage Cloak is the most important part of this build. Again its quite effective to just tag everything and nearly beeing invulvernable while doing it.

After we had the most effective Builds in my opinion there are some additional ones which need you to work a bit harder:

Tempest: On a Temepest you can tag multiple enemies with your air scepter autoattack. You will have to switch Targets a lot though so its not that ideal for multiple hours in a row. Staff and Lightning Hammer let you use many AoE's in addition to your air overload.

Druid: Similar as a Tempest you can tag many enemies with your staff or for shorter ranges use your axes which bounce as well. Traps give you some AoE and your Astral form gives you a lot of survivability.

Firebrand: This Build evolves arround spamming your F1 Tome and resetting it every time you kill something. You wont tag as many enemies while running as other clases as your range option (a staff) was hit hard back in the days. If fighting at doors I recommend using a hammer for having up a Symbol at all times which also is bigger than normal.

Renegade: I heard that Renegades should be quite popular for farming as their Autoattacks also damage enemies arround the target, allthough I havent played it myself yet for labruns. This would be my approach for a labbuild, allthough I don't know how effective it is.

For the other three classes I am pretty sure there is also a way you can play them if you'd like, allthough I wouldnt recommend it. For Warrior I would just play a Berserker with a Longbow and Axes (or a Greatsword for movement) while I'd play a Reaper with wells for a Necro.

These builds should be considered as rough guidelines and can of course be changed or improved at any time. In the end it always depends on the preferences of a player what he likes and what not. With that I wish you happy farming and maybe I' ll see you soon in the Labyrint.


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