Arbiter being Halo 3’s player 2 gave me one of the most special gaming experiences I’ve ever had

Content of the article: "Arbiter being Halo 3’s player 2 gave me one of the most special gaming experiences I’ve ever had"

I never had any xbox growing up, so MCC on Steam was my first chance to experience Halo. I played through the trilogy in order, mostly blind other than a few famous things hard not to hear about. Man, I had a blast playing these games with my best friend in college. He's the one who got me to try them, and I'm glad he did. But with both of us playing the same character in Halo 1/2, even though it was fun to work together and we had great moments like getting a warthog on top of a Scarab in Metropolis together, both of us being the master chief or both of us being the arbiter weakened the idea of both of us being part of the story.

Then we get to Halo 3, which I'd been hyped out of my mind for, and we start it up. I watch the cutscene with my eyes glued, first thrilled at Master Chief getting up, then at Arbiter showing up, and it hit me like "No way. Are they really going to do that? No fucking way, they really are." And the level started and there it was, my friend's player icon over Arbiter's head. Instantly floored, 10/10. If I weren't playing with my friend, I might be a little annoyed that there wasn't much as much interaction between MC and Arby as I might have liked in the game, but it didn't matter because I was playing co op. Having these two characters as our avatars that we'd gone through Great Journeys with, finally teaming up together, turned co-op into something more. Every great experience Halo 3 had to offer became a shared one in a way I didn't have until then.


One Final Effort playing as I drove the warthog while he manned the turret to escape in the finale was incredible. I was smiling the whole way through. It capped off the experience so wonderfully. It really hit me by then that the experience made me feel closer with my bro. I didn't have a lot of friends before college at all, so I was so happy I got to do something like this. Something as minor as having two different player characters made the trip something truly special. Thank you for playing with me bro, thank you Bungie for making such an amazing game, thank you Marty O'Donnell for giving it the music it deserved, and thank MS/343 for porting it and giving me the chance to have this experience.

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