Halo Infinite idea. HALO: PANDEMIC

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So, you start in either a Covvie or UNSC ship (depending on what faction you choose) high above a halo installation. It's a 34 v 34 and you are broken into fire teams of 4. Your mission is to defeat the other team, all while surving against increasingly difficult flood AI. As the AI becomes more aggressive and starts taking over more of the map you can choose to either continue fighting one another ,or team up and take on the flood. Key areas in the map will contain flood infected areas that will continue to grow in size, and if not stopped they will kill everyone.

If your team/ fiteteam feels they cannot win they can choose to glass or MAC the area, however the flood infected areas are full or rare loot, weapons, power ups, etc and well worth fighting for.

Much like the infection gameplay, spliced with a warzone/ battle Royal feeling.

If you die you are converted to a flood combat form. The more of the other teams you kill the more you grow and increase in stamina and speed. You're objective is to now kill players, infect thier bases and tear apart teams and alliences. The endgame as flood player is to totally cover the map in flood biomass


If you can defeat the flood controlled areas you can once again focus on fighting the other team with new and better weapons, power ups, etc.

You can select areas on the map to form a "safe zone" if you will and form a truce between teams (this can be upheld, or you could be betrayed, killed and all your loot stolen)

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Also, within each flood area or 'Hive' there is the flood cure. If you need your team back to full strength you can cure a teammate that was infected, or not, depending on how well you like one another. However, this can only be done of the hive is defeated, or players a brave enough to risk going in alone.

However, all players, flood, spartans, or covies earn points, so there is no real punishment for getting infected.

It will suit every player time. Team players, lone wolves, objective gameplay and slayer.

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