It’s finally over. Reach through Halo 5, including ODST. All on Legendary. All Solo.

Content of the article: "It’s finally over. Reach through Halo 5, including ODST. All on Legendary. All Solo."

And all I got to show for it is some gamerscore and a background but no really, that background is bad ass and I'm proud to have it, even if it's only for finishing Halo 5 on Legendary solo.

This has been something that I've always wanted to do when I was younger, but didn't have the patience or skills to accomplish it other than Reach. A Momument To All Your Sins (all of Reach on Legendary solo) was my proudest achievment for the longest time, tied only with Better Than The Best trophy for Sniper Elite 4, which requires completing all levels on Authentic Plus difficulty without manually saving.

This wasn't quite as difficult as I thought it would be, but it was still a bitch to accomplish. Reach and 3 were the easiest, as they were the two I was most familiar with. ODST was the fastest, as I had already finished it and it let me skip the bits in between missions where you're exploring the city.

Halo 5 can go eat a dick though. It was by far the most infuriating to finish. The AI team mates rarely use the weapons you order them to pick up, you get kicked out of "ADS" when you get hit (as opposed to that not being a thing in 4). The battles were on a larger scale and more drawn out because you had three team mates with you, but combined with the bad checkpoint system, oof. There were more than a few times I had spent 15 to 20 minutes clearing out an area only to be killed by the last enemy and have to start it all over again. Also the basic infantry units, the promethien soldiers are a pain because of how tanky they can be. It takes three or four sniper shots to kill one, sometimes more. And dont get me started on the jackals. For whatever reason, 95% of the time shooting their unshielded hand doesn't make them flinch, so they end up taking four to five times as much ammo to kill.

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That being said, I quite enjoyed 5, even if it leaves the story on a big cliff hanger. We'll have to wait for 6 most likely unless Infinite somehow continues the story.

The most troublesome levels would probably have to be Truth and Reconciliation from CE and Cortana from 3. The former was what put me off of this challenge for the longest time, as that first room in the ship is brutal. But then it turns into what feels like an endless slog with far too little ammo and medkits. If you get a bad checkpoint when you have little health later in the mission, you can easily get screwed.

For Cortana, it's not really that bad if you just take it slow and kill everything. The first room in particular is rough because it seems like the enemies are endless, but using the sword is key since it only consumes 2 or 3% energy per swing.

Another mission that was a pain in the ass was the beginning of… I don't remember the name of it, but it's in Halo 2 where you teleport into High Charity in a room with little to no cover and have to fight off waves of grunts and brutes. That can feel next to impossible if you don't manage to jump up onto higher ground ASAP.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to Halo Wars 2 and RTS games aren't really my cup of tea on console, so I won't be doing those. Nor will I be attempting LASO runs. I like my sanity in tact, thank you.

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