I’ve consolidated the most common feedback into a single thread. We have a lot to say, so lets make it easy for 343 to access.

There's a lot of feedback about the games systems, UI, customization, and progression on the sub. Here's a list of the most common issues/requests I've seen around here. This is still a Beta, so it might be good for us to gather our thoughts in a single place.


  • Many players would prefer a more traditional XP system that rewards better play.
  • Challenges should be fairly approachable instead of very specific. For example, "Get kills with energy weapons" is more reasonable than "Get kills with (specific weapon)." Same goes with vehicle challenges. Vehicle spawns aren't always consistent, so getting kills with a specific vehicle is more luck based.
  • Challenges should be a compliment to regular progression, not the main focus.
  • This one is a personal observation, if we have weapon specific challenges can they use the common name for the weapon and not the military name? I was confused what the M247 HMG was until I realized it was the Warthog Turret.
  • I'm putting this under progression but it can fit under customization: Weekly challenge rewards can easily create FOMO. I'd like to point that out since avoiding FOMO was one of Infinite's mission statements.
  • An accessibility note: Some players who struggle with online play due to physical limitations may find it difficult to progress through the battlepass against other players. Maybe make more challenges relating to bots so they can progress more efficiently.


  • Cross core customization is wanted.
  • We are currently unable to use parts from purchased sets peicemeal. Like just the shader from an esports set.
  • The shader system limits player expression. Possibly give us regular color customization alongside curated shaders that make unique color combos not possible through regular color customization.
  • An alternative to the shader system is giving us color palettes and allowing us to unlock additional palettes. This is similar to Warframe's system.
  • More armor customization options able to be unlocked instead of purchased.
  • Emblem customization is absent.


  • Player Collision is a big point on this sub. Many have pointed out that the lack of player collision makes melee feel wonky and uncomfortable. It also creates other issues, like confusing targets when they phase through each other. Collision adds a sense of place to other players, at least to me. I've been informed that collision is enabled for the enemy team. Something is off about melee regardless
  • Player outlines can mute the expression of armor customization, turning them into homogenous blobs. BTB feels really busy with names everywhere. A common thought I've seen is to disable enemy outlines and only show ally outlines when they are in view. When they are out of view only show their service tag through the wall, not the outline or full name. < I personally think if enemy outlines are disabled, their shield colors should still reflect the team color selected in options. >
  • Commando feels off and is frequently overlooked. I don't know if it's recoil or TTK, but I've noticed this too. The AR seems to be filling the same role as the Commando.
  • AR range is too high and its grouping is too tight.
  • Banshee turning radius is sluggish.
  • BTB needs more reliable and consistent vehicle spawns, similar to other Halos.
  • Fireteams should be in the same squad in BTB.
  • Some vehicles are difficult to flip over with explosives, like the Warthog and Ghost. Flipping vehicles has been a tactic since the early days of Halo.
  • Power weapons may need some balance tweaking.

Game Modes

  • The lack of game modes is probably known by 343.
  • Individual playlists for specific modes would be appreciated. The MCC's system would work great.
  • SWAT and Infection are the most requested.


  • Service Record tracking would be appreciated.
  • Custom Games browser would, of course, be appreciated.
  • Controller aiming feels off. I unfortunately can't be specific since I don't know much about the semantics. If someone could fill me in, I'll update this.

These are what I can think of off the top of my head. I'll add more as they come.

So I just played a few matches and came back to a ton of comments in my inbox. I'd to keep this limited to the most common issues/requests. I unfortunately can't add everything, but your opinion is valid so keep pushing.


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