The current asymmetrical BTB vehicle system is an unnecessary change from the Halo formula and needs an overhaul.

First of all, I want to echo what most people have been saying, this is the most fun I've had in a Halo game since Halo 3. Awesome, congrats to the people over at 343!

Now, I have played about 20h with the majority of my games having been BTB. I have seen a Wraith about 3 times, a Scorpion tank once (I think, it could just have been 3 warthog wrecks stacked together).

And oh boy, the new asymmetrical BTB vehicle spawn system is mostly frustrating and feels really uncalled for. I get it, I work in game dev myself, you want to put their own spin on things and just not retread the same steps over and over. But really, the current system is needlessly complicated and did not need to be changed. Both teams should have equal strength vehicles available from the start, (or at the very least get access to at the same time) that spawn and respawn at their bases. This is a formula that has worked for 20 years and really did not need to be meddled with here. Especially considering how much inspiration this game takes from the classics in most other ways.

Let's look at some of the issues, specific vehicle balance aside:

  • Most vehicles are random drops that seemingly ramp up during a match. However it seems to ramp up way too slow since in most cases as all you will ever get are Choppers, Ghosts and Gungooses, maybe a Rocket Hog or a Banshee if you've been eating all your vegetables.

  • They drop one at a time, very exposed in the open, so you end up having potentially a dozen people competing for one measly Ghost. Including that one cheeky fucker from the enemy team.

  • Spawns are not equal. Halo has always been about fairness. Two teams, equal weapons, equipment and vehicles. May the best team win.

  • Some spawns seem to be based on who's winning. I get it, give the losing team a little boost in case they are getting steamrolled. But I've played matches with equal scores where one team gets a tank and the other gets nothing. And suddenly the scales are tipped in one teams favour based on some arbitrary spawn condition. I've also played games where the winning team has gotten a Banshee or Rocket Hog, while the losing team gets nothing.

  • Vehicles are often very short lived as even regular weapons fire will shred a warthog fairly quickly. A "good" team will easily take out a Banshee with little effort. Sure this would be true in any Halo game, but in this game who knows when/if you will ever see that vehicle again this match.

This would be very annoying to deal with under normal circumstances, but with the current challenge and playlist system it is infuriating. As you have to fight layers upon layers of RNG to have a chance at completing vehicle specific challenges. Or simply playing with a vehicle you enjoy.

I'm not saying the current system could never work, I'm sure with some tweaking and a "fixed" progression system it could be tolerable. Maybe as some special mode. But for the love of Craig, at minimum give us a classic BTB mode with a traditional vehicle spawn system. Hell the pelican dropping in vehicles is dope, you can still have that as the spawn animation.

Anyway, just needed to get this off my chest. Back to looking for that fabled Scorpion tank.

tl:dr: current vehicle spawn system poopy, old system good. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Edit: Finally found the elusive Scorpion, it went great


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