5 days of disappointment, gg Blizzard!

Content of the article: "5 days of disappointment, gg Blizzard!"

So, today I finished a duel 5-3 pretty average result, but good for me, and so I decided to do another one. OH WAIT, I ONLY HAVE 140 GOLD! with the old system I could have played less than an hour and get those freaking 10 gold, but instead I need to play 12 hours, because I need to arrive to a gold reward in the pass if I wand to gain gold, and between me and that gold reward there is a scholomance pack, almost completely useless. To be honest, it's not 12 hours, in fact it's probably more, because the exp rewards often are just 200 or even less per hour played.

Yes, I'm deluded, not only because blizzard lied to us, not only because we are going to get even less rewards than before, but also for the fact that they also made the game more expensive, with the addition of the mini-set. Basically, the game is going to be even more expensive, and we will get less gold to buy packs, or in general even less resources

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But, dear blizzard now it's the perfect time to redeem yourself. You should do something more than just adjusting the pass, because, as I mentioned earlier, the game is going to be more expensive. It's plenty of thing you can do! -give more dust when disenchanting cards -make cards cost less dust -decrease the number of packs needed for the pity timer to activate -make packs of previous expansion or even only wild packs cost less gold -make packs have 6 or 7 cards in them (yes i know I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one) Those are just a few of the things you can do to make your game better.

Your community is more important than your money, and to be honest, if you make the game cost significantly less, maybe by doing some of the things I mentioned earlier, would surely make it easier to old players to return the game and most importantly it would make it easier to new players to approach the game.

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Hearthstone's monetizing system needs some serious improvements, and please blizzard do not think that this would minimize your profits! There is plenty of people ready to buy one or two preorders even with 120 packs to open at day one, to get more cards to test new decks, to have more dust to craft some stupid meme cards for their meme decks! To not mention that increasing the number of packs would just make it even more profitable for all players to do a preorder.

That sayd, I think I will stop playing this game for a bit

Goodbye Blizzard, or to me more accurate "arrivederci"

By a deluded, but hopeful fan

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