51% WR Odd Warrior to Legend Guide!

Yeah, so it was a rough month. Deck Code at the bottom. I've done a more in depth guide on Odd Warrior a few months ago. Swanky also did a much better #1 Legend guide for Odd Warrior, so I'd recommend reading that if you want to get familiar with how the deck works. I'm just going to summarize the meta and your main matchups here.

I don't know that I remember a time with such compressed variability in the Wild Meta.

Three or so weeks ago you had a bunch of cards were unnerfed, including Caverns. Then, almost two weeks ago, Barrens dropped. Then, 8 days ago, the ladder started with the new month. For a week, Caverns basically replaced all of the other Rogue builds, which had been 20-40% of the Meta, depending on your level. Because it wasn't a high legend contender, a bunch of people dismissed it, but the deck was wreaking havoc at D5-low legend. Then, with the Barrens release, you saw many new, cool deck builds. Pirate Warrior was stronger, Druid was playing around with their new "Ramp to 7 and win the game" card, and Beast Hunter was back! It was a really fun time in Wild. But then the ladder started and everyone pulled up HS Replay and tried to play the top decks, which were Taxes Paladin and Mozaki/Burn Mage.

I've easily played a few hundred games on ladder this month. I climbed to D5 with Elemental Shudderwock Shaman, spent several days trying to get Cube Warlock builds to work, and finally fell back on Old Faithful, Odd Warrior. Odd Warrior as configured below has probably a 90% WR against Secret Mage, 70% WR against Taxes Paladin, and 80% against Mozaki mage. The deck is basically an insta-concede against control. I did eke out a few wins against Reno Priest, but you have no shot against Big Priest, Cube, and most Reno builds, simply because they have more refill than you have AOE. So I spent a pretty frustrating last week or so hunting for a string of aggro decks to finally make it to Legend. I probably played 20 different D1/3 star games, where I always drew a control opponent. My final game was a control game, but was a cube who drew very heavily and lost to fatigue when their Guldan didn't summon the right demons.

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This build doesn't really have any disruption tools, and the only value engine is Dr. Boom. Dr. Boom is a card I rarely played on curve, usually played T9 or later, when I could hero power and then Boom. Still, the card offers amazing sustained value in certain matchups. If you want to disrupt, you probably want to Warlock. This deck is designed to run Aggro out of resources.

Taxes Paladin – This deck is likely to define Wild for a bit. Yes, it is going to get hit with nerfs, and that will bring the WR down, but I don't expect the nerf to hit Yogg, which is actually the principal enabler of their explosive early turns, as few decks have multiple AOEs early in the game. Yogg is an inherently problematic card, and I believe it to be the most powerful spell, considering cost, in the game. I believe it to be far better than Counterspell, both because it is cheaper, and also because the random spell can often hurt you since you are often playing a spell to come back from behind and Yogg is more likely to benefit your opponent's board. (I think Yogg should be reworked to roll one of three RNG options – 1. Counter Spell, 2. Cast random spell that costs (2) more, 3. Return spell to opponent's hand, uncast (but mana spent)). It would still be a very strong secret, but couldn't 100% be guaranteed to shut your opponent out, which is more in line with a 1 cost secret.) Your mulligan against Taxes is low curve, avoiding any of your more expensive battlecry minions. You have to be very careful to preserve your spells, while understanding that every minion that they stick can be a threat. I usually didn't stress a tempo Watchtower, as the mana cost didn't punish your deck as much as others. You want to build your armor total and be frugal with your one cost spells. Your one cost spells are the best spells to test for Yogg, because there are so many 0 cost spells that say "spend all your mana". My usual strategy was to prioritize removing their Murlocs, and look for opportunities to keep the health level of their minions in parity as it made Bladestorm a very effective AOE. You aren't going to mill Taxes Paladin, but the Coldlight can be a good T3 play as it puts more tools in your hand. You want to kill the Yoggs early, again, ideally via 1 cost spells, such as Omega Assembly. Iron Hide can be a clutch play later on for the purpose of making Reckless Fury or Shield Slam more effective. Barov is incredibly useful, but you often are dealing with Divine Shield as well. Horde Operative isn't a must keep in the mulligan, but can be very disruptive when they have a few Secrets down. Watching Yogg mess up their game plan is incredibly satisfying.

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Mozaki Mage – Burn Mage.

Mozaki is a very easy matchup. Mulligan for low cost and armor, they are going to draw a bunch of cards for you, so don't hold things like Iron Hide, etc, just play them. Drop your cheap minions, and don't be afraid to Sword and Board them to keep your hand count down. When they play a secret, use Horde Operative, which is a must keep mulligan vs Mage. With high armor, and your own Ice Block, you can't lose this matchup. Look for opportunities to mill with Coldlight. Every card you burn is less damage hitting your face. Let me know if you want to talk more about this matchup, but you are super favored.

Burn Mage, meaning the variants that use Apprentice and Flamewalker, are way more challenging, because they actually have way more burn available. I lost most of these games. You best chance is to get some lucky mills with Coldlight, but I lost across two turns with over 60 armor in one game. Prioritize killing Flamewalkers as they are the main damage engine.

When the nerfs are announced, I expect the Paladin Weapon to get hit, either 3 mana (which will have a huge effect on the deck and consistency), or losing 1 durability, which I don't think will have much, if any, effect in Wild. Mage is going to have one or more cards get hit, which will likely be enough to reduce the prevalence of Mozaki, and, hopefully, Burn Mage. But the real question is what happens to Watchtower, a card which punishes many aggro and tempo builds, and has significantly reduced play rates of Rogue (which is a refreshing change). If Watchtower becomes a 2/3, it will still see play, but if it becomes a 3 mana 2/4, I don't expect it to see play outside of Odd or certain control builds. We'll see.

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Good luck on ladder!



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