$6K+ and it’s time for me to quit as well

Content of the article: "$6K+ and it’s time for me to quit as well"

tl;dr $6K+ spent, not mad, well played Blizzard

Hearthstone was for me the best game on mobile, which was why I kept playing even though I lost interest over the years.

Out of curiosity, I tallied up all my Hearthstone purchases thinking that it might actually hit 5 digits, but thankfully it did not.

2014 $391.91

2015 $1,084.81

2016 $2,809.57

2017 $499.92

2018 $617.78

2019 $584.86

2020 $244.93

TOTAL $6,233.78

Needless to say, I have a complete collection and all hero skins, but decided to quit and missed out on the N'Zoth skin.

If you're wondering what happened in 2015-2016, that's when I had this crazy moment where I thought that it was my last chance to get a golden collection and let's just say I tried and failed… I'm fine with the money spent, that year I traded destination vacation and justified it by convincing myself that I was helping the community and all the kids who play this amazing game for free.

I'm not mad at Blizzard, I appreciate the entertainment and good times over the years. But I've spent some time thinking about where things went wrong, because there was a time where I thought the game was the best ever made and that I would play it for the rest of my life.

And honestly it wasn't just one thing, it was several small things that added up over time that brought me to this point, but I'll leave a couple of design principles for the developers in case they happen upon this post, noting that this is just personal opinion on the key design defects that lead me to quit.

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Principle 1: For better or for worse, F2P is a new standard, real money should be for cosmetics, not for significant gameplay advantage.

Principle 2: Cards should never be designed to directly interfere with the opponent's deck or hand (Dirty Rat, Gnomeferatu, Mindrender Illucia). There used to be a line between each side of the board and these are examples of cards that felt like they crossed a line that makes the user feel like they lose control of the deck they curated to play.

All in all, I felt like I had to post this to get some closure. I don't think the game can be saved at this point, but I do look forward to the next game Blizzard creates and hopefully the next iteration will be even better.

It's been a great 6 years and to close, I wanted to share my favorite card. It's Vicious Fledgling, a card so ridiculous that it probably should have been a Legendary ability.

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PS – If Disguised Toast happens to see this and wants to disenchant an entire Hearthstone collection and burn the dust by creating golden Angry Chickens for a YouTube video, have your people contact me and we can make this happen.

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