A farewell to hearthstone from a longtime player

Content of the article: "A farewell to hearthstone from a longtime player"

I’ve been playing since launch, pre-oder every mega-bundle, hitting NA legend rank several times, and even participated in some of the NA ESL and Zotac open tournaments. I always knew the eco system is pretty awful (10 gold/ 3 wins, dusting system is so outrageous, and getting at most 3 competitive decks out of the mega bundle). Hearthstone has helped me go through some of the worst episodes of depression and anxiety. Watching Fight Night (heck I even remember Ek0p’s cringy CM Punk impression), Value Town, Reynad being salty, Trump’s reaction to stuff(or lack there of), Firebat winning Blizzcon, Lifecoach roping on turn one, rise and fall of hearthstone esports scene, me hitting legend before the rank floor system being implemented, and playing an open tournament for fricking 10+ hours (I think I finished top 32). But this is it, it’s been a LONG and abusive relationship between me and Hearthstone, and I know there will always be players in and out of this game, perhaps this is one of the thousands of post that will probably go unseen. I thought I would be more angry at the broken eco system than I am right now, but honesty I’m grateful for the past couple of years playing hearthstone.

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Why I’m quitting: 1.Before hearthstone I was a competitive Yugioh player in Taiwan.That game cost tons on money for a middle school student (my QWD & blackwing deck was around 2000 usd and that was only for two tournament decks) and the ban list ensures the meta changes every 6 months (like banning/limiting core cards in mainstream decks which makes the decks somewhat uncompetitive). It was simply a painful experience knowing the deck you train so hard for will be no longer valid for competitive play. This kind of was the vibe I was getting from this expansion and the fear of moving cards into hall of fame and overnerfing cards.(RIP freeze mage, patron, miracle rogue)

2.Of course RNG is another huge part of the reason why I’m playing less and less (I would argue Yugioh was less RNG since you get more tools to filter, cards that will help you get the core cards in your deck, and more counter-play cards). There’s just too much cards generating/discovering cards that you can’t counterplay or even anticipate. For example if my opponent is playing highlander mage, after he/she used devolving missiles, zeph, poly, and Reno. I would expect a high cost deathrattle minion to burn two or more cards for my opponent to deal with after baiting out these targeted cards (which I did successfully), but there’s always indirect answers that is just nonsense. You can’t freaking expect me to play around Kalegos into box of yogg into magic trick into devolving missiles. Maybe it’s just the competitive side of me getting salty…

3.The direction blizzard is going is absolutely absurd. With more cards releasing in an expansion, less gold received from rewards system, unjust dusting ratio, value of packs translating into something useful in crafting you desire, and the fact that blizzard isn’t responding to the core issues of the community outrage does it for me.

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Please note these are my opinions not absolute facts that I am claiming!

With all that being said, I am definitely unhappy but also grateful for the fond memories I’ve have for this game. Moving forward I’ll be devoting my time/resources into something I believe in whether it’s another game or my own academic research. If you read the whole thing, I am grateful that you’re willing to listen to what I have to say. I hope RNG will always be on you’re side and GLHF.

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