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I played another very predatory game called Marvel Strike Force (MarvelStrikeForce) not long ago. When things started getting to their worst, much of the game community and especially content creators who were part of the envoy program (like being one of the top personalities of HS) and whales (of which there are many) banded together and demanded changes to better the community as a whole. This game has "Community Managers" that are somewhat active on the sub and are players themselves which helped speed up the process, although it didn't start that way. Some important links:

The State of Marvel Strike Force

Spending strike

Another older spending strike pledge

Another call for a spending strike and a very important top comment from JPScan3:

As someone who works in crisis communications, I can say they are 100% waiting for this to die down and blow over. Continued public pressure is the only way to drive action. More top of reddit threads, more content creator videos covering it, more third party media writing about it. They are dragging their feet because they know if they wait long enough the problem will go away and the movement will die down. Show them otherwise.

And when the game finally started responding, players gave this response. Some demands met, but they did continue to release ISO-8.

This game had a lot more issues than HS, including differently-priced offers for different accounts, exclusive access to a couple events to some players which should've been for everyone, and of course bugs (but a lot more than normal; imagine just for one day some players could claim Arena or Duels rewards 20+ times before it stopped letting them while others only got the regular one set of rewards). Despite that it continues to be a top-grossing game as they appeased players enough to keep a varied community even though they continue to feed them crap with one hand while their other hand is stealing from the wallet/purse.

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So, I would like to propose a more organized movement by the playerbase of HS to better the game for everyone. We need a list of demands that's going to make the game more reasonable for F2P and whales alike. Maybe a spending strike during limited-time content. We need to stick to the demands no matter what crap they push, and they will push back hard if we push first.

Some examples of possible demands:

  • Active community managers, communication — Discord, FB, Twitter, Reddit, maybe some more? There's no reason we should consistently go without word for days/weeks at a time on social media platforms during times like this considering how important a presence on most of social media is to better-managed games.

  • Better dust economy. Ratios of 4:1 to 8:1 are not remotely reasonable. There is over 500k dust worth of cards in-game as of MaDF, and sets each now add around 69k without mini-expansions yet active. Decrease crafting costs or increase disenchanting value, or better yet — do both.

  • Better drop rates would also be nice, but not without a better dust economy. The reported (?) average 100 dust/pack with 40 minimum requires between 16 to 40 trash packs, and dusting 80 to 200 cards, to craft one Legendary. At half dust value per card it would be 130 minimum per pack and average would likely be near 200, requiring only 8 to 13 packs (40 to 65 cards) to craft a single Legendary.

  • Less low-quality screen time — don't force us to play constantly just to get xp. Players shouldn't be punished for your shortsightedness and desire to increase metrics to keep investors since your CEO is so terrible he's personally killing the company's reputation faster than the greed in the games already are.

  • More XP per day without basing it on game time. More quests per day or more XP per quest so lv50+ can be reached without hours of daily play *constantly*** (as there will always be a new expansion to level the BP for), which many players cannot do. Consider the Dad Legends and deployed soldiers who you'll be losing (that you haven't already), along with other busy players who just want to fling some RNG and chill when they play this.

  • XP in all modes, if not all the time while in app(when not idle for more than 2-3 seconds, and not sitting on one screen). Yeah, bots can abuse idling for xp in the menus just like they already are with roping games — the system should've been better designed from the start. With the bots idling the menus though they could stay out of the play modes where they don't belong.

And of course there's more, but I'm already in a lot of pain after writing all this (carpal tunnel, sprain/possible break, and bulging disk in my neck ruining my one useful hand — aka winning at life) and I need to let it chill before work in a couple hours. So, it would be much better if someone else could organize a movement as I can't do all the typing, lol.

TL;DR: other game had many issues, many of which were "fixed" after a well-organized player movement including multiple spending strikes. We need better communication.

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