A Pure Paladin goes at the Darkmoon Faire

Content of the article: "A Pure Paladin goes at the Darkmoon Faire"

Greetings folks. It's the first week of the expansions so pretty much everything works and can reach legend. Being really close to Daddy Uther, i've been playing almost exclusively Pure Paladin on ladder, since the archetype got quite some love from this set. Here is the decklist of what i've been using, the code is at the bottom.

I made only one change during the climb, dropping a Lightforged Crusader for a Consecration at Diamond 2 since i was facing mostly aggro decks.

A few stats: when the expansion dropped i was at Platinum 3 i believe; climbing to legend took me 43 games with 30 wins and 13 losses (69,7% winrate). Bonus: here is the final boss, a Mozaki mage, threatening me before exploding.

The 13 L were against the following decks: 4 Tickatus warlock (0% winrate btw), 2 secret hunter, 2 control warrior, 2 totem shaman, 1 aggro dh, 1 pirate warrior, 1 soul dh. Basically greedy decks punish you, sometimes aggro can highroll or you simply lowroll. That being said Pure Paladin does pretty well against aggro and other midrange decks like evolve shaman or soul dh, which keep in check the greedy decks that punish us, so i believe it will keep his spot in the meta. The 4 Cascading Disasters that warlocks will play will make you bash your head against your keyboard, i've warned you.

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Mulligan is the same as before, but there is a twist: aggressively look for Aldor Attendant and First Day of School. If you have any of those you can keep Hand of Adal and Libram of Wisdom. Goody Two-Shields is also worth keeping and if you can be more greedy with the mulligan, keep Loathraxion and play him asap.

A couple of other tips : play Air Raid after Lothraxion or with Ballon merchant, since it completely shuts down any aggression and allows you to go face. Against soul dh use librams to keep things above 3 health because of Shardshatter mystic, and go wide when you suspect blade dance. Don't be stingy with your weapon charges, the next turn you might need to use that Libram of Justice. Also Yrel has been stellar, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

Suggestion, feedback and thoughts from fellow paladins are welcome.

Deckcode: PRA4feA4jeAwycrgOWtgPKuAP9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQOezQPK0QOC3gOi3gMA

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