A rant about a game I love

Content of the article: "A rant about a game I love"

Hello Dinomancers and Tavern-goers, I am a long time wild player with a few words about this magnificent game that we see suffering. I will highlight 3 important components in this rant that are of what needs to be fixed in the game, why it needs to be fixed, and how it can be fixed. These fixes aren't simple things like demon hunter cards, graveyards not existing for rez decks, or even unnerfing Jaina's portrait. they are fundamental core issues with the game that I don't see many people discussing civilly.

1: The game is too expensive. How many times have you heard that? Here is the issue, a pack of cards is worth $1.50US. In my personal belief, a pack of cards in Hearthstone should value $0.50US. By doing this, $80 preorder bundles move down to $30-$40 a pop. I understand that reducing the price of these bundles makes it so Blizzard makes less money per Bundle, but by doing this, the price is far more reachable to more players, effectively making it so the bundles are bought by more than the upper 5% of the player base such as myself. If your game isn't charging premium AAAgaming prices three times a year for 1/3 of the collection, more people might play, and more players may be inclined to pay for packs and bundles.

2: It's too hard to be f2p. This is the easiest solution by far thanks to the Tavern Pass Rewards Track. To create an entire new system for rewarding your player base just to be marginally better than a 6 year old system is lazy and cruel to your fans. Take out the packs in the track and double the gold. Simple as that. Let the players pick how they want to spend their resources rather than give them a pack from an expansion they may have all the cards they need from it. I think that Microtransactions should be a way for people to get ahead of the curve or get some cosmetics. But as it is, Microtransactions are simply the only way to even be on the curve nowadays. I think that in combination with my 1st talking point, doubling the gold would really improve player experience.

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3: The Arcane Dust system. For many people, this is an issue of 4 Legendaries for 1. While that is a problem, I see a much bigger issue. Players can't enjoy the game as it is made to be enjoyed if they can't try different decks. This current Dust system is designed to make you think that you can only make a single card at a time rather than a whole deck. The Dust system is another aspect that promotes microtransactions. "I have 500 dust and I want a legendary, looks like I'll either destroy 11 epics or buy 40 packs and hope I get lucky." People don't like resetting progress in order to meet an ends. Each time you destroy a legendary or an epic it is a huge issue. Especially because Pack Protection says that you won't ever get it again until you complete the set or craft it. A solution to this issue? Instead of 1:4 ratio, we make it a 1:2 ratio. 1600 to make a legendary. 800 to dust it. 1 Legendary dusted can make 2 epics, 8 rares, or 20 commons. That sounds fair to me.

Final: Why am I making this? Because I love hearthstone. I am a Whale with a full wild collection. I want others to get to the point that I am at without having to spend what I had to spend. I want to see the game thrive for years to come. And I want to help other people see that there are better ways for these systems to exist. Thank you if you've read this far. And remember, this game has bad stats for the cost, but it just needs a buff.

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