A review of every “Yes” Deck in each class

For those of you who don't know what the "Yes" architype is, it's a deck that runs 29 1-cost spells and one <> so you blow up your hand and deck and lose the game. As long as a class has 15 1-cost spells they can create a "yes" deck

Yes deck FAQ

  • Why would you play this?
    • It has a 100% winrate because you win by losing so your opponent can't beat you unless they concede
  • Why not <>?
    • He only destroys your deck which lessens the impact. People may also think you're playing an actual deck like Mecha'thun
  • I though it was only a paladin thing.
    • It originally was since paladin was the only class with enough 1-cost spells since they had secrets
  • Why only one geist?
    • When you play your geist you don't want any cards in your hand or deck so your opponent knows you're completely helpless

S Tier

Yes Paladin – The classic, the paladin hero power allows you to contest the board and utilize the 1-cost buff spells where other classes need to generate minions. It keeps getting better as new secrets help you stall the game and mess up your opponent's game plan with <>. It also has the most 1 mana draw spells to get to your geist.

A Tier – Godly stall, doesn't drop the ball

Yes Priest – Priest has access to a bunch of 1 mana, heal 5 heal cards that'll help you survive to your geist turn, as well as some good removal. Good hero power as well

Yes Druid – This deck is a double edged sword. Lots of minion and spell generation which can help you survive but less the impact of your geist turn if you can't dump your over 1 mana spells and minions. You also have <> to ramp into your geist but it could allow your opponent to find an early lethal

Yes Mage – Tons of removal and freezes to stall. Devolving missiles and snap freeze allow you to deal with bigger minions. Also a great hero power for board control.

B Tier – Decent Stall and Decent Draw

Yes Warlock – Has access to AOEs and hard removal. Only concern is get screwed over by pulling a bad demon or discarding a good card or even worse geist. Your hero power lets you draw into geist faster but you'll also be taking so much damage, you'll often be speeding up your own demise.

Yes Hunter – The "shot" cards give this deck a way to keep the board under control for the first few turns and tracking is an amazing card to find geist with. The only thing holding this deck back is the poor hero power.

C Tier – Poor stall and major flaw

Yes Warrior – Decent removal and great hero power. The only problem is limited card choices so you need to add a couple cards that don't do anything. No draw either.

Yes Shaman – Good removal but you'll be overloaded to hell. Once you get past the first few turns it's less of a problem but your removal also falls off very quickly. The hero power allows you to get a little value out of your evolve cards and buffs. Make sure to not overload on a geist turn and your invocation of frost will not summon a 2/1 since you don't have galakrond in deck.

D Tier – Rogue lmao

Yes Rogue – This Yes Deck takes a different approach since it uses the Bazaar Burglary quest and several burgle cards. If you get the quest done you have a way to stall out the game a little longer but this deck has the same problem as druid, it will be hard to dump your cards that cost more than one mana before you geist. Other than that good weapon removal but almost no healing so you'll die quickly.

"No" Tier – These classes don't have enough 1 cost spells

Demon Hunter


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