After more than a year in development, I can finally present you HearthArena Companion v2 (+ initial Mercenaries Support)

It has been several years that I have been playing with the idea of writing a new client for HearthArena. In the past six years we continued to release tier list and algorithm updates with every expansion day to keep HearthArena up-to-date. However, the quality of the app's UI/UX got really behind.

There were plans to jump into new game modes, but the original app was built in 2015 and moving into other game modes on top of the existing technology was just not feasible.

At some point last year I had to decide I would give up on the idea or just go all-in. I decided the latter, something which felt foolish at times, especially since Arena has been in such a bad state.


The technology is finally here 😊.

With this revamp, I hope people get new incentive to start playing Arena (again) or use it as their companion app for the upcoming Mercenaries game mode (more on this below).

So here is a noninclusive list of its new and improved features:

For the Arena! :

The HearthArena Tierlist is now inside the app, completely renewed with all sorts of filtering, a gallery view and other UI goodies:



Your Arena run pages now look a more unique:


There are finally some charts revealing your progression:



A much requested Arena Class Tierlist & Stats (with even more charts 😉 ):


Gone with the synergies as just text, now we have card tiles & tooltips:


For Mercenaries! :

A Mercenaries tierlist that was put together with Kripparrian's pre-release star ratings:


Learn a user friendly way to learn about a mercenary :


And that wraps up the screenshots and some of its new features. There are definitely plans to expand further into Mercenaries (think of overlays, team builders etc), but more on that soon!

I hope I atleast peaked your interest 🙄.

You can download & try it out at heartharena.com/app.

I love to hear what you think.

– HearthArena


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