An Argument For Classic Hearthstone

There's a fair few naysayers that are arguing that Classic will be entirely abandoned within a few weeks of play. Speaking as someone who hit legend for the first time during the peak of Classic, I have some arguments for why Classic may be a consistent contender for Hearthstone, if not its mainstay for many people.

– Legitimate, persistent competitive play.
Top level Classic Hearthstone was a joy to watch and to play, because there was a lot of technical thought put into many of the turns. Miracle Rogue, Freeze Mage, Ramp Druid, and Handlock all had predictable burst combos, with limited damage capacity, which meant that there was a lot of value in thinking each turn to try to pace your resources to best set up those combos and to best defend against them. The damage pace of a deck like face hunter was deeply predictable, and the secret interactions against hunter (which was for most intents and purposes the primary secret class at the time) were well known and predictable. Removal was hard to come by, stat sticks were common. Many of the top decks at the time took a lot of skill to pilot well, and there were a lot of resources about learning how to play them. Even Wallet Warrior and Zoo were decks that rewarded you for thinking about the resources in your deck and in play, rather than worrying about any random generation.

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– Once and you're done collection.
Need a competitive mode where you can do all of your quests forever off of just 240 cards? (Less, as many classic cards didn't see much play.) Need a mode where you could net at least a 30-40% winrate off of a deck that ran argent squire, harvest golem, azure drake as core midgame tempo plays? Most classes could! Hunter, Warlock, and "neutral tempo" all had cheap and reliable ways to create curvy tempo decks in each class, even if the top of the meta was a little more dust heavy (though hunter and zoo were always near the top regardless). Looking into the future, if I want to do a quest, I don't see a lot of motivation to dabble around in one deck I'm gonna play for a week when I could enjoy a clean and solid deck that used to have outright gameplay guides and resources for how to play and improve at.
– This meets needs that neither Standard nor Wild do.
Standard is expensive and in flux, wild is relatively cheaper but has ridiculously high range of play, most of which isn't particularly complicated. Miracle Rogue and Freeze Mage took skill, needing to frequently consolidate their own health, mana, and damage resources. Reno Priest needs to shuffle their deck and get a few key cards and then they're an unkillable damage machine. Players who want to play a game that's within reasonable bounds of balance and difficulty can go to Classic. Players who want to use a collection they've built up for a long time can go to Classic. Players who don't want to worry about constantly building and rebuilding their collection can go to Classic.

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There is a legitimate chance Classic is not only a prominent and popular mode, but one that gets a legitimate tournament scene going. If someone released a card game nowadays that was a once-and-you're-done collection that had interesting, skillful gameplay and decent enough balance, people would buy it or play it because that's something Magic's utter rotating shenanigans, Hearthstone's myriad of changing modes, and all the other card games don't really meet. Now that's a mode in Hearthstone.

The mode that made digital card games the bloated market it is today is back. I don't think we can just say it'll be dead in a week.

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