An in-depth description on one of my favorite decks of all time that I also think is very good. (Wild)

Content of the article: "An in-depth description on one of my favorite decks of all time that I also think is very good. (Wild)"


This is my burgle rogue deck. It runs Bazaar Burglary. I know that Bazaar Burglary is one of the more popular quests (behind Obelisk and Sky Temple), but this deck has an amazing clock with amazing value, tempo, and finishers. I will explain my card choices here.

NOTE: I am not only giving a deck tech, but also looking for feedback on improvements.

Backstab: Great removal for a 0 drop, good at proccing combo. All-around great card.

Bazaar Burglary: Amazing value. Hits for 3 every turn, allowing you to go face for free. Complete most games by turn 3, possibly t2 if you play Backstab > Wand Thief > Evocation, created by Wand Thief. Covers for your weaknesses.

Brain Freeze: Good removal and stalls one card.

Dragon's Hoard: "Another Class" is the important thing here. Helps your quest, finds answers and late game finishers. My favorite is Nethrandamus because your stuff is so cheap.

Pharaoh Cat: Card gen is always nice, especially card gen that gets cards that exist twice. Can also help your quest, but don't rely on it.

Secret Passage: Other than the fact that this card is absurd, Bazaar Burglary actually proccs again from the cards that you get back (e.g. you have a Nethrandamus in hand, 3/4 on your quest, cast Secret Passage, do stuff, end turn, getting your Netthy back will get you your 4/4.)

Wand Thief: What can I say, card gen, can get Evocation allowing for t2 quest, just amazing card.

Worgen Infiltrator: Best steal NA. Jk use Skymistress I forgot she exists lmao

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Clever Disguise: This is just an amazing card, and you don't need to actually play the spell to complete quest, meaning you can freely choose not to cast that Myra's Unstable Element you got from the mirror matchup.

Eviscerate: It's eviscerate.

Sneaky Delinquent: Good card, nice value, would be amazing if it procced quest but that's a little too much. Rellay good in this aggro style deck.

Blink Fox: Better than Shaku IMO because you get the card immediately, not after a turn. Feel free to play Shaku though.

EVIL Miscreant: Easy combos, easy value

Face Collector: I can't even find stats on this guy. Love 3 mana echo cards, IDK why this guy doesn't see more play. Play Shaku if you want instead and really hate him, but I like this guy. Another Blink Fox is alternative.

SI:7 Agent: Remember what I said about eviscerate?

Vulpera Toxinblade: Amazing with your weapon, might add a second.

Bazaar Mugger: Good removal, big body, helps you if you're struggling with your quest, good card replacement without fatiguing yourself

Ethereal Peddler: This just helps get down the costs of those big bois you burgled.

At fist it seems like this deck does nothing. It's just stuff, some lackeys, Face Collector, and a quest. Then I went 11-1 with it, including winning against a card-for-card all-golden copy of the top tempo mage deck. For some reason, with a ton of cheap and efficient creatures, I can still find depth to this deck in its burgling and decision making. I am a control player at heart. I play MTG, I use Blue/Black in most of my good decks. My favorite deck in HS is and will always be Renolock. But somehow, this deck has just enough creature control to satisfy my control player urges while still being able to beat down a filthy warrior player. Any feedback is appreciated, especially the "you missed a strictly better card kind" because I just came back to this game seriously for the first time since like.. 2017 (Un'Goro) so I might have missed some cards like I did with Skymistress.

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